Gym Owner Turns Tech Entrepreneur And Revolutionizes The Lead Gen Industry

The gym is more than just exercise. A fair share of the market size of the global fitness and health club industry has in recent years steadily risen, exceeding more than USD 96 billion in 2019. In the US, for instance, approximately 45 Million adults ( 14% of the total population) have a gym membership. In the UK, 4.5 Million adults( roughly 7% of the population) have an active subscription to membership clubs. The missing percentages belong to those who have the wrong perception of the need to go to the gym and not focus on keeping fit.

Contrary to the many myths and beliefs, keeping fit goes a long way to ensuring you have perfect health and enough exercise that keeps you going hard while motivating you to face the hurdles of life. Alex Hormozi discovered the gap and decided to reveal more on the need to gain physical fitness. Through his company Gym Launch, he helps gym owners acquire, serve, and retain customers through lead generation, lead nurture, sales, fulfillment, and retention. 

Gym Launch at a Glance

Gym Launch is a company that was founded by Alex Hormozi’s $100 Million CEO and ran together with his wife, Leila. The two teach gym owners how to make it rain. Through the detailed set of relevant courses, gym launch helps owners right from the initial stages of acquiring customers, serving them, and retaining them. The all-rounded approach has been established to enhance gym lead generation, lead nurture, expand, and increase sales. Moreover, ensuring customer satisfaction has been attained, and the retention level increased. 

As part of its achievement, Gym Launch has managed to service more than 3,200 gyms and made well over 43 Millionaires out of ordinary gym owners. What is admirable about the business and its owners is the social impact aspect they exhibit. They have donated over $1,000,000 to after school stars, a charity supporting youths and education. 

As a form of recognition of their hardworking efforts, the 2CCC click funnel offered them an award. They have received the first “2 hearts” award from Click funnel recommending them for their charitable giving. They have also published Gym Launch Secret step by step ebook.

Lead Generation

The going concern concept for any business triggers the need to create and generate more leads each day. Getting new leads results in obtaining more revenues. At Least 74% of companies have converting leads into sales as one of their top priorities.

Having at the back of your mind, the competitive aspects emanating in most health and fitness clubs, getting to the top and becoming successful require both skills and experience. Having an all-rounded approach when tackling your clients will give your clients a base trusting and bonding with you.

Therefore to get to the top of the game requires a combination of several things. Strategies, patience, and extra hard work. Having a lead generation plan will, and most quickly, accelerate you to achieve the set goals. 

Gym launch offers you tools to help you achieve your desires and goals. The strategies use different techniques to create traffic towards your social platforms while creating a referral program. 

Lead Nurture

Having clients on the pipeline may seem an easy task. But the main task lies in ensuring that your customers’ satisfaction needs are met. Focus on exceeding their expectations. To achieve the most out of any opportunity, especially in the fitness sector, it is paramount to ensure that the referral program is working and effectively maintained.

Ensure that the reviews about your services are favorable. 93% of consumers read local reviews in an attempt to see whether the business has a good reputation or not. 

Having an online presence goes hand in hand with adaptation to the current technology. Having an online presence is vital to ensure that both online and in-person training is attainable. Alex, through his affiliate company- ALAN, offers the service. The philanthropist’s company helps in generating leads for businesses and marketers with the primary aim to increase sales. Indirectly the guru ensures that his clients’ profit margins and the growth and expansion plans are achieved.