Top Tips to get Likes on your Instagram Posts

We all want more Instagram likes on our posts, don’t we? It doesn’t matter how many we’re already getting; we will always be striving for more won’t we? And this is completely normal. It’s science. The more likes we get on a post the more dopamine gets released into our brains. The more dopamine that gets released in our brains the better we feel. This is what gets us addicted to those little pop-up notifications. 

But for a company or a brand, likes on a post can mean more than just dopamine and validation, it can mean money! Whatever your reason for wanting those little heart shaped signals of approval, I am here to help. The below tips are sure to give your posts the boost you are looking for.  

Post brilliant photos 

Instagram is a visual platform and therefore it is imperative that you post brilliant photos. Nobody wants to see a blurry selfie, nobody wants a pixilated picture of what should be beautiful scenery, or accidental fingers in shot, or so many filters we can no longer tell what the picture is supposed to be. 

People want clear, crisp photos that have been taken with a decent camera. Most mobile phone cameras will do the job well, but if you are looking for even better results you should consider investing in some decent equipment. 

Why not have a look over some of your old posts and see which ones got the most likes. This will help you to understand what worked and what didn’t and help you to determine what it is your target audience want to see. 

You should also check out the competition. Have a look at their pages and see what has been working for them and then learn from it. 

Link your Instagram account to other platforms 

If you have a website or a blog, you should consider linking your Instagram to them. That way any traffic you get on those pages can easily be directed towards your Instagram page and will potentially result in more engagement with your content. 

If you have other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, you won’t want to post the same thing across all platforms, but it is a good idea to promote your Instagram page via them. 

Use the correct Hashtags on your posts 

Hashtags are a brilliant marketing tool for generating interest in businesses. But if you do use them (and you should) you need to make sure that you are using relevant hashtags. This way your content will be more likely to reach your target audience. 

You should also try to stand out. Using popular hashtags via Task Ant is great as it means many people are interested in it. But, you need to remember that this means you have more chance of drowning in the sea of people that also decided to use the same one. Why not try and come up with a unique hashtag for your business and use it alongside some of the trending hashtags. 

Engage with other people’s posts 

If you are following pages that are similar to yours and liking and commenting on their posts, you will inevitably be encouraging them (and their followers) to follow you back and engage with your content.

You could also seek out popular industry-related posts and leave some likes and comments on those too. That way you will be engaging with people who have already interacted with posts similar to yours, which could spark interest in your page as a result.   

Collaborate with an influencer 

Something that is becoming more and more popular for businesses to do is to collaborate with influencers. Sometimes these influencers are purely people who have a lot of Instagram followers and can therefore help businesses get a wider reach for their product. 

Sometimes influencers are people who are influential in a particular field such as fitness or beauty. If, for example, an influencer is a great athlete, then clothing brands might try and recruit them by offering them free clothing if they will post themselves wearing it on their page and tag the company name. 

This is a clever way of engaging with more people and encouraging people to be more interested in your product. 

Run a giveaway 

Something else you could do is run a giveaway for your product. You would need to put rules in place for people entering the competition. These could be things like ‘must follow the business page’, ‘must tag two or more friends’ or ‘must post on your story’. This will drive a lot of new traffic to your page and will generate a buzz around your product.