Why Smart-Space Terms and Conditions Are the Best

Over the years, Smart-space has emerged as one of the leading brands in temporary building solutions across the UK. This company has partnered with hundreds of businesses in their new expansion projects at affordable rates. But whats sets them apart from others in the industry are their friendly terms. In this piece, we will show you why Smart-Space terms and conditions are the best among all the players in the temporary building solutions industry.

No minimum term contracts

The problem with a minimum term contract is that you are penalised if you decide to terminate before the set period lapses. This means that no matter how unhappy you are about the contract, you are stuck with it and you will need to pay to get out of it. Luckily, Smart-Space doesn’t enforce such terms on its customers. They have your best interests at heart. And once you sign a contract with us, we stick to our end of the bargain.

No upfront installation charges

Most companies will want you to pay upfront before they break ground. However, Smart Space has a different approach. This company focuses on the work that needs to be done without asking for a huge upfront payment. Customers only pay what is quoted after Smart-Space delivers the project.

No additional charges for plants and machinery

Usually, some companies will factor in some additional charges for plants and machinery. This raises the cost of the project. At Smart-Space, there are no additional or hidden charges. When you look at the quotation, you will not find additional charges for installations, plants, and machinery. We factor all of the necessary charges in our quotation, and once we have reached an agreement, you will not be surprised by other hidden charges after the project has commenced.

From order to installation in only 28 days

Building projects can drag for more than the stipulated time. This is quite frustrating, especially if it is a business expansion project that you intend to open in a few days. At Smart-Space, we do not promise what we can’t deliver. When you place your order, our team hits the ground running. Our ultimate objective is not only to give your premises good finishings but to also do it in just 28 days. When this time lapses, we will hand you the new key of your classroom or warehouse.


Have you ever wanted to buy equipment from a particular firm, only for upfront installation charges to get in the way? This is a common occurrence that may disappoint you. Smart-Space likes to put every card on the table before work begins, and you can rest assured that they’ll not ask you for upront installation charges

Building projects can be extremely stressful. Unclear terms and conditions makes these projects even more complex. Unfortunately, you are likely to come across such conditions if you do not read the terms and conditions. But if you intend to work with us, you can read our terms and conditions on our website. We can guarantee you that you will love them. What’s more is that once we start working with you and for whatever reason you wish to end the contract , you only need to give us a seven-day notice to end the hire contract.