Why Every Motorcycle Should Have An Alarm System

Once you have decided to buy yourself a brand-new motorcycle, you will want to make sure that you keep it safe. You are investing quite a lot of money in this vehicle, and so it doesn’t make any sense if you don’t protect it. You have house insurance for your home, so why wouldn’t you fit an alarm to your motorcycle, so that it doesn’t get stolen. It doesn’t matter where your address is in the United Kingdom because your motorcycle can be stolen at any time. You may not be happy with the current alarm system that is fitted to your motorcycle, and so it’s best to have an aftermarket motorcycle alarm installed.

You need to remember that after you buy your motorcycle from Wheels Motorcycles, and you decided to take it on finance, you are still liable for any money that is owed on the motorcycle even though someone has stolen it from you.  It makes perfect financial sense, to get a motorcycle alarm system added and if you’re still not sold on the idea, then have a look at the benefits of doing so.

  • It protects your investment – You have saved up to get the deposit for your new motorcycle and now you are committing yourself to making monthly payments for the next 4 to 5 years. If you want a property, you would want to improve your digital home security, and so the same should apply for your motorcycle. The very fact that your motorcycle has an added on aftermarket alarm system, will put off most opportunist thieves.
  • You get discounts on your insurance – If you make it known to your insurance company that you have added an aftermarket alarm system to protect your vehicle, then they should reward you with a discount on your insurance premiums. This means that the alarm system will end up paying for itself in a few years. You can have things such as tilt sensors fitted, so that if someone even tries to move your motorcycle even a little bit, the alarm will sound, and you will be contacted on your mobile device.
  • Smart phone apps – As touched on briefly before, your motorcycle alarm system can be set up so that it sends a warning to your smartphone. If anyone sits on your motorcycle, or tries to move it at all, the alarm system will sound and you will be contacted on your mobile device. You can quickly return to your motorcycle to make sure that it’s still there, and ask the offending party to move away from your motorcycle. This gives you exceptional peace of mind knowing that you can be contacted 24 hours a day if your motorcycle is in danger of being damaged or stolen. For tips on what to do if your motorbike is stolen, have a look here.

It makes sense then, to add an alarm system to a motorcycle, that is going to cost you many thousands of pounds to purchase. It doesn’t make sense not to add an alarm system, and so make sure that you do.