The Best Way to Lease a Car Near Me

Yes, it can make good sense to lease a car under the right circumstances. You can drive a new auto without coming up with a huge chunk of money up front, as well as each month. You’re also freed from worry over maintenance issues and the like.

Of course, the predication of that previous paragraph was “under the right circumstances”.  There are times when leasing is a smart play and there are times when it isn’t, which is why you probably ran this search for the best way to lease a car near me. 

Let’s dig into it a bit to sort things out. 

Finding The Right Car

A good deal on a new car is only a good deal when it’s a car you can enjoy. Sure you’d love to have a Porsche Turbo, but it’s going to be hard to fit your family into one if your children are past car seat age. That’s why you need to find a car that will fit your lifestyle and your desires. 

The best way to accomplish this is to figure out what you can afford to pay and shop carefully within that budget. It’s wise to treat the process as if you’re buying the car even though you’re leasing. After all, you’re going to live with it for a while. 

You’ll know about where you need to be if you’re already paying for a car. However, you’ll need to compare your income to your expenses to get a sense of what you can afford without stretching if this is your first foray into living with a car. Keep in mind; you’ll also pay for insurance, fuel, parking and registration. 

Finding the Best Deals

Every manufacturer out there has special offers going almost all the time. These can vary by region though, so running a search for the term “lease a car near me” will help you find the deals being offered in your area. 

With any luck, a special will be offered on the car upon which you’ve decided. 

Don’t’ despair if there isn’t one though. You can still negotiate a good deal at your local dealership. Their websites sometimes list offers you wont find at the manufacturer’s sites too. 

Comparing Deals

Moreover, shopping around can net you even better deals. If more than one dealer in your area is selling the car you like, put them into competition with one another. Get the best deal you can from one, then ask other dealers if they can beat it. 

Look over those offers carefully to be certain the primary parameters are the same. Don’t focus on the monthly payment to the exclusion of everything else. To compare apples to apples, the duration of the leases, residual values, drive–off amounts (down payment) and mileage caps should be identical. Most leases limit you to 12,000 miles annually for mainstream cars and 10,000 for luxury cars. 

You’ll also want to know the total drive-off amount, including registration, taxes and all fees. Make sure the monthly payment they quote includes the taxes that will be added to each payment. This way, they’ll have to either lower the purchase price or give you a better interest rate to be more competitive.

These tips will help you find the right car at the right price when you’re wondering about the best way to lease a car near where you live. While leasing can indeed be advantageous in a number of different ways, you have to be careful to ensure the deal you’re getting is solidly in your favor.