Marijuana Strains: What Are They and What Is Best for Me?

Those that have only just been introduced to cannabis would be forgiven for assuming that all forms of marijuana are the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Many people may be aware of some of the slang terms used for cannabis, such as ‘weed’ and ‘pot,’ but there are names used in the industry that differentiates and detail the different forms of cannabis available.

An overview of the terminology used as well as the available strains is set out below. 

A Marijuana Strain Explained

When looking at the different marijuana strains, it is normal for them to be split into three different categories, which are Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. Indica is renowned for its relaxing properties, Sativa for its uplifting effects and Hybrid is generally a combination of the two. 

Just because two forms of cannabis fall under the same category does not necessarily mean they will deliver the exact same results. This means that some people may need to experience several strains to fit the right fit. 

Choosing the Right Cannabis Strain 

Despite the three categories being likely to expand in the future , they can be useful when determining which strain is best suited to you. For example, those who suffer from migraines, nausea or chronic pain will often try Sativa because of the high THC content. 

Similarly, those who have trouble with sleeping or anxiety may consider Indica because it has a lower THC Count than Sativa. 

As before, there can be other factors to consider, as the strains available may have different effects on different individuals. 

Can You Purchase Cannabis Online? 

The purchasing of cannabis is possible online, but there can be restrictions concerning the location of the person. For example, those trying to order cannabis from California while in the United Kingdom will find this is not possible due to the legal aspects. 

Although there are other methods, these are often illegal and can be fraudulent in some instances. As such, many will consider the purchasing of seeds as opposed to the cannabis itself. 

Consuming Cannabis: What Method Should Be Used? 

It goes without saying that those looking to use any marijuana strain should avoid mixing cannabis without tobacco. There are some alternatives available for those that want to smoke cannabis, such as cbd pre rolls

Those not wanting to vaporize or smoke marijuana could look at other forms of allowing cannabis to enter the system, such as edibles or oils. However, it is worth noting that the levels of THC or CBD can vary, so research is critical. 

Can I Grow My Own Strains of Marijuana? 

Once people understand that different weed strains deliver different results, they may be keen to grow their own strains. This is certainly possible, but the growing of marijuana is not for everyone. As well as taking a lot of time, there can be a lot of steps to follow. 

However, if you feel that you have the patience and skill that are needed for growing cannabis, then it can be an enriching experience, and there are a lot of choices concerning seeds available such as Crop King’s Seed Bank

Finding the Right Marijuana Seeds 

Sourcing the right marijuana seeds can require some research, but this should not take too much time, and allows you to purchase seeds from reputable vendors. Reliable platforms will describe the THC and CBD levels, as well as an explanation of the effects of the cannabis strains. 

Different growers will also need access to different seeds. For example, experienced growers may prefer standard seeds, where newcomers may be considering autoflowering options.