In-Car Entertainment: Product Reviews

If you have just purchased your dream car, you will no doubt be thinking about an in-car entertainment system that reflects the quality of the vehicle, and in this article, we will review a few top-rated in-car entertainment components, with the aim of helping you to make the right choices when looking in-car audio systems.

Multimedia Receivers

One of the best multimedia receivers on the market is the amazing Sony XAV AX3000, with full touch-screen and voice activated control, bringing you the very best audio playback. The large touch control screen gives you complete control of the unit and your smartphone, making driving much safer, as the driver doesn’t have to take their eyes off the road. The newest model that everyone is raving about is the Kenwood DDX4019BT, a very affordable player that has all the features you would expect on a top of the range unit, but at an entry level price. This player allows up to 5 smartphones to connect, so everyone can play their favourite tracks on a long journey, and with a hi-res screen, you can watch the latest blockbuster film, while enjoying surround sound.

Power Amps

While the media player would have its own amp built in, most enthusiasts want something with a lot of power, and with the amazing JBL range, you can have mono, two or four channel outputs. Typically fitted under the front passenger seat, a good power amp allows you to experience high power output, and aside from the JBL range, there is JVC, who also offer a wide range of power amps at affordable prices. If you have an old car on your property and you would like to have it scrapped, here is an interesting article on the subject.

Coaxial Speakers

If you invest in a set of JBL Audio GT7 series, you have the perfect set of coaxial speakers that will outperform most other speakers, and the speakers will run on either the built-in amp or a separate power amp, whichever you prefer. If you would like to view an extensive catalogue of top-rated car audio components, an online search will help you locate an Australian supplier who would have the lowest prices.

Major Manufacturers

If you want the very best in-car entertainment, the following manufacturers are regarded as the top brands:

  • Kenwood
  • Sony
  • Pioneer
  • Kicker
  • JVC
  • JBL

If you search online, you can find a single supplier that stocks all the major brands, and usually the online suppliers offer the lowest prices as they don’t have the huge overheads of a traditional retail outlet.

Professional Installation

Unless you have the hands-on experience installing hi-end audio components, you are advised to seek out a car audio shop where they offer installation services, and for the little it costs, you will have peace of mind, knowing the system has been correctly installed. If you are planning to install a very high-powered audio system, here are some government guidelines about noise pollution.

Check Out Online Reviews

If you would like to know what customers think about their car audio purchases, it is easy to search online for product reviews, which will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing components.