How to Market by Making Your TikTok Page More Popular

Since its creation in 2017, TikTok has become one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms over the last few years. It currently has over 800 million users, and as of 2019, was the most downloaded app in the app store.

If you have just joined TikTok and are looking for ways to make your profile popular or even TikTok famous, here are some things you can do to boost your profile. 

Post every day

TikTok has no posting limit, meaning you can post as many videos as you like in a day. Keeping a regular and consistent posting schedule will help make sure your videos keep popping up on other users’ pages. Posting regularly will mean you are more likely to get noticed and get views. 

Pay attention to the trends

TikTok is all about trends. Almost every day there is a new dance move to learn or a new song that’s going viral. If you want to get popular quickly, centre your TikTok around the latest trends, as these will be more likely to appear on the ‘search’ page and in hashtags. 

Show people something they haven’t seen before

Another easy way to make your TikTok popular is to publish a video that shows off something that no one has seen before. Many, many users just jump on the bandwagon and post incredibly generic videos that get boring after a while. Posting new and interesting videos will help your TikTok profile become more popular as it will keep your viewers interested.

Buy likes, views and follows

If you are creating videos but are still finding that your TikTok page is not getting a huge amount of likes or followers, a quick and easy way to make your page more popular is by buying likes, views and followers from a reputable site like Viplikes. Here, you can buy TikTok package and can even choose the sort of package you want. Before you purchase anything from Viplikes, make sure you work out how many likes, views and followers you want. Although some packages are more expensive, they are a great investment and will help you boost your profile. This site is legitimate, and doesn’t use bots to boost your profile, but actual people. Their website also has 24/7 support, meaning that you can get help or more information at any time. 

Buying likes, views and followers is an investment, but it is an easy way to gain TikTok followers and boost your profile. It will also save you a huge amount of time, meaning that you can spend more time creating great videos for all of your followers. 


TikTok is a huge platform, and with so many people trying to get TikTok famous, it can be difficult to gain followers and generate views. If you really want your TikTok page to become more popular (and possibly even famous), it is worth checking out Viplikes.