Why Do Cannabis Users Choose Aussie?

The world is becoming more tolerant of people using weed. From America to England, to Germany, the laws are slowly but surely turning in our favour, and enabling us to get high without fear of being arrested.

Australian seed banks are worth looking at for us Aussies. And that’s because Australia is a great country for growing Cannabis. Here’s why…

  1. Hot Climate 

First of all, we have the weather. When most people think of Australia, they would likely imagine a dessert. And a lot of the country is nothing but vast plains of sand.

Due to our heat, we also have some of the most incredible rainforests, and due to the fertile soil, these forests can support a fantastic diversity of life. 

Heat is one of the critical factors of being able to grow a healthy cannabis plant. In places such as England, if you wish to grow Cannabis, you’ll need to do it indoors under massive lighting. But that’s not the case over here!

  1. Legal in the capital 

While it’s true that throughout most of the country, using Cannabis for recreational use is still illegal, there is a notable exception. Canberra.

For those of you who aren’t aware (and this is probably those of you who aren’t Australian), Canberra is the capital of Australia. Throughout history, trends that have started in the capital have spread like wildfire and gone throughout the entire country.

Suppose the legalisation in Canberra is proven to be a success. In that case, the chances of them becoming legal in other states too will be high- and so will the people in those states.

  1. Medical is legal throughout 

Even though it’s currently only in Canberra where recreational Marijuana is legal, in most of the other states, it can be taken if provided by a doctor.

It’s clear that most Australians do understand the medical benefits that Cannabis can bring about. The different states don’t share the same laws regarding medical Marijuana. Some of them allow you to take it whenever your doctor says so, but others have some tighter restrictions.

However, all of them seem to be in agreement that it is beneficial under some circumstances.

  1. Big support 

Recently, Marijuana has been the talk of the town. In the past, it was a taboo topic. If you smoked it, you wouldn’t tell anyone. Today, people are going to rallies to try to convince the government to make it legal.

There’s also heaps of blogs, Netflix Documentaries, campaigns, all of them working to bring about awareness to the topic. 

And the result of this effort is the support for the legalisation of Cannabis is stronger than it’s ever been before. Particularly amongst young people, who will grow into voters one day.

  1. Is it a fad? 

There is, however, a concern.

Currently, Marijuana is a bit of a hot button issue. Likely because it’s a popular topic, plenty of media regarding it is being pumped out regularly. But will this last or is weed just a bit of a fad?

I know that even if it is, when it dies down, there will still be people who use it- much like how people still smoke tobacco, but it isn’t as popular as it used to be.

Only time will tell for sure… Is Cannabis going to remain popular, or will it soon be forgotten about?