Commercial Freezers Buying Guide

A commercial freezer is used by businesses and other large establishments to increase the longevity of products by freezing them. A commercial freezer is specifically designed to meet the needs of food distributors and commercial establishments. There are various brands like Atosa that are known for quality commercial freezers.

Why Invest in a Commercial Freezer?

If you’re a grocer or restauranteur you know the importance of commercial refrigeration to your business. Commercial refrigeration equipment includes any free standing or built-in units for cold storage of your perishable goods. They are available in a wide array of configurations including reach-ins, walk-ins and commercial display cases.

What are The Types of Commercial Freezers?

If you want to invest in a commercial freezer or are looking to replace your old one there are various options available in the market today. Brands like Atosa come in different configurations including;

1. Chest Freezer

These are necessary additions to kitchens that require more cold storage. They are popular in outlets that supply frozen merchandise like ice cream and frozen dessert.

2. Undercounter Freezer

These are quite similar to upright reach-in units, but much shorter and about 33 inches in height. They are perfect for smaller areas and usually store fewer products that are required on a need to need basis.

3. Glass Top Freezers

This model is ideal for convenience stores, quick serve restaurants and even for storing desserts in full-service restaurants. They have glass tops that display merchandise to customers. The horizontal display unit is perfect for items that require to remain frozen for long durations, and works well for things that are awkward to store in vertical freezers.

4. Chef Bases Freezers

This is the most versatile freezing configuration designed for industrial and commercial kitchens. They are unbeatable in terms of the convenience and portability that they offer. Most of these designs have a slim front to back profile that takes up less space making it perfect for high-traffic areas. The long low tops provide lots of space for appliances such as food processors. Most of these freezers come in sturdy stainless steel and have rolling caster feet. However specifications vary with brands and models.

5. Solid Door Freezer

These freezers are mostly used in commercial kitchens since stainless steel is durable and perfect for heavy duty use. These freezers are favored over the glass door variety because of their unique build and sturdiness. They are ideal for storing and selling frozen products and come in a wide array of designs and sizes including left and right hinged doors as well as multiple doors.

6. Walk-In Freezers

Commercial walk in freezers provide bulk cold storage at extremely cold temperatures and usually for extended periods. They are ideal for establishments that receive large amounts of frozen products in single deliveries.

Tips for Choosing The Right Commercial Freezer for Your Needs

If you’re looking for an Atosa commercial freezer among other brands some factors you can consider include.

  • Your storage needs
  • Door configuration
  • Energy efficiency
  • Power system
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

Are you looking for a commercial freezer for your business? There is a wide array of Atosa freezers that you can choose from today.