How to Target your Customers with a Coupon Promotion

Coupons are used as a marketing tool to drive sales, build the right image for the brand, enhance customer loyalty, and, most importantly, as a marketing tool. However, to maximize the use of coupons, there is a need to work with the new trends to reach your target customers.

If you are wondering how to stay timely and relevant when using coupons, do not worry. We have done all the work for you. In this article, we will show you how to target your customers with a coupon promotion.

Make your Coupons Promotion Visible

No matter how good an offer your coupon is, if customers struggle to find it, they will not redeem it, and hence there will be no significant change in your sales. Therefore, invest in making your promotion visible. You could do this by placing it in the header, footer, or lightbox of your website.

You could also invest in paid search so that you have coupons ads. A customer will likely make a purchase when they come across attractive discounted rates as displayed by the ads.

1. Use Limited time offers

A limited offer is a discount that customers have access to for only a limited period. It could be days or hours. This method has been proven to work best during particular seasons, such as holidays like Christmas or when you are launching the product.

When using his method, add a sense of urgency by notifying your target customers to be on the lookout, via email marketing, for the discount. Limited time offers help to entice customers that were still bargaining on if they should purchase with you or your competitor. The offer makes it easier for them to narrow down their choices, seeing that they will get what they want and save their money. It also works on most millennials since they find a sense of rush appealing.

2. Use Matching Competitor Coupons

Another way to reach your target customer is by using competitor matching coupons as done by bed bath and beyond coupon. For instance, if a customer wants to purchase a bed in your shop, they may find the competing prices from other retailers for the same bed. If they find a lower price, you should jump in and offer to lower your rates to that of your competitor instead of moving to that specific retailer.

Coupons are one of the most effective marketing strategies. However, they only work if one has taken their time to understand the target market. Incorporating the above approach could help boost the results of your coupon promotion.