Different Methods of At-Home Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, known for being a holistic medicinal treatment, can be used to help with a large variety of ailments. At its base, this is a methodology that combines the senses of smell and touch primarily through the use of essential oils. Check out a few of these ideas to gain some of the stress and pain-relieving benefits of aromatherapy in your home.

Clay Masks

There are many types of aromatic facial masks that can help you find relaxation and refine your skin in the process. Applying the ingredients to your face allows for the benefits of the scent so close to your nose as well as direct absorption through the skin. Not only will you gain the benefits of ingredients like apple cider vinegar and lavender, but you will take the time to sit down for 15-20 minutes and enjoy your facial cleansing.


Incense come in a variety of different forms and scents so that you can find your inner peace no matter what mood you’re currently in. Sites such as KratoMystic.com offer a large variety of different products that have been scientifically tested to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of products. You might try burning incense while reading or taking an aromatic bath.

Bathing Salts

Taking a bath as opposed to a shower is an inherently relaxing atmosphere. You can combine this with some infused bathing salts to enrich your experience, soaking in the benefits. This type of aromatherapy is particularly good for help with anxiety, muscle pain, circulations issues and dry or itchy skin. Taking a bath can also be a great time to apply your clay mask.

Whether you choose to use one type of aromatherapy or combine a few of them together, at-home aromatherapy might be the stress and pain relief option you’ve been searching for.