How This Serial Entrepreneur is Disrupting The Creative and eCommerce Industry

Today’s industry disruptors are seen as the true heroes, especially in the business world. When talking about disruptors, one entrepreneur comes to mind, Dan Dasilva. Dasilva is the first Youtuber to talk about dropshipping. He dropships and sells digital products online. He also runs an Influencer Marketing Academy that teaches people how to use influencers to sell products and is the CEO of Impakt, a project that is going to launch in September 2020. His contributions to eCommerce  have made him a thought leader in the industry.

Dasilva created one of the largest e-Commerce information training brands, eCom Dudes, and in record breaking time. The main reason eCom Dudes is relevant is because it produced  many of the famous eCommerce experts in the marketplace today. Dasilva also started the 100K blueprint which is responsible for creating the most successful eCommerce entrepreneurs we know. He launches it every year and does over $1,000,000 in sales. Life before eCommerce was not so good for the young Dasilva. At 17 he faced emancipation for selling marijuana but was rescued by his father. eCommerce was the big break that Dasilva needed to find his way to financial freedom.

eCommerce and the Internet

After living a life of financial struggle and run-ins with the law, Dasilva turned to the internet to seek salvation. He’d go to the lengths of quitting highschool and a job at Burger King to get into eCommerce. He started up selling fidget spinners, custom T-Shirts, and trendy products on Shopify. That then led to him starting a youtube channel and became the first youtuber to talk about drop shipping. In addition, Dasilva’s work with eCom Dudes and the 100K Blueprint was getting him a lot of followers. He was already forming communities on facebook while the youtube channel was getting bigger and bigger by the day. 

Today he has amassed over 150,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel. Dasilva has always loved all things audience building and interaction. That was the whole point of joining a platform like Youtube. There he could connect with his fellow Youtubers. After using the platform to build his audience, he realized that the connection was always one way. That’s when his eyes opened to the massive opportunity in the market. There was no platform where creators could connect personally to their audience or vice versa unless it was through video. This became the idea for his next venture, Impakt.


As mentioned earlier, the project is set to launch in September this year. Impakt is as a result of years of wanting to build a loyal audience and establishing connections both ways. After using Youtube for years he realized that like every other creator on the platform they were not getting the real personal connection with their online audience.  He saw that creators are not getting paid what they deserve through the platforms that are available in the market. Now Dasilva has chosen to be part of the solution to this problem.

Through Impakt, any creator will be able to create paid and free groups. Using the free groups, the creator can connect to their followers personally to build very strong relationships. On the other hand, the creator can use the paid groups to share the most exclusive content for their die hard fans. The goal is to ensure creators get rewarded accordingly for their creative work. At the end of the day, the creator is responsible for attracting every individual in his audience. The sad truth is that most creators are still just creators, making nothing or close to nothing after putting their time and energy towards a project.

Dasilver has built multiple 7 figure products and has launched many success businesses. Impakt has been the most risky business venture he has gone into to date. Dasilva says, “this will be harder than any other project I’ve ever embarked on but this will be the most rewarding and help so many creators who are struggling”. 

His long term vision is to help creators to continue doing what they love doing while getting paid for it at the same time. That provides the creator with more control and gives their audience a closer connection to them.