Digital Marketing for Medical Professionals

Digital marketing is now without a doubt the most important form of marketing there is available. There are rarely people that look in the phonebook or call somebody for a referral. Medical professionals need to stay on top of their digital marketing as they are directly competing with other practices in the area. Saturated areas of certain medical professionals like plastic surgeons in Miami might have to spend more on marketing. Tummy tuck Miami will be harder to compete for than that of tummy tuck Baltimore due to the vast number of plastic surgeons in Florida. Below are digital marketing tips for medical professionals.

The Practice Website Should be Flawless

A large number of medical practices have the main goal of attracting new patients and retaining their current patients. The practice website should be convenient for current patients and allow for appointments to be set with a login. New patients should be able to find contact and location information quickly as this is usually the main goal of visiting a practice’s website. Design the website with the goal of attracting new patients and increasing current patient experience. 

Content Marketing to Rank for Local Keyword Phrases 

Content marketing is going to be an important part of digital marketing overall. The content can showcase the knowledge of a medical professional while the backlink to the website will help with search engine rankings. The keyword research that is done is going to be important as certain keywords will generate far more in terms of quality leads than others. The one aspect to consider is starting some sort of health-related podcast as this is a perfect way to generate in-depth content at a reasonable budget. 

Social Media and Review Websites 

Social media is a great way to brand yourself as a medical professional. This doesn’t mean you have to post constantly but a post per day can do the trick. Complaints come through social media platforms at certain times and these need to be addressed immediately. Much like review websites, the right response to an upset patient can help retain the patient rather than them switch doctors. Lack of responses to these complaints might be viewed as lack of care about a patient’s experience. 

Digital marketing can be a full-time job in itself so a doctor needs to source this out or hire a team in-house. Outsourcing this can allow for a more budget-friendly approach with an agency or company that has generated results for similar clients in the past.