Old School Marketing isn’t Dead Yet

The world has changed with technology with digital marketing coming to the forefront of marketing. There is a misconception that traditional marketing techniques are not longer relevant. These tactics still work but it is wise to create a marketing plan that incorporates both traditional marketing techniques and newer marketing techniques. The most important aspect of any type of marketing is that of tracking ROI on a campaign. Data can be used to improve future campaigns significantly and can help a business get the most for their dollar. Below are a few old school marketing tactics that still convert in today’s business world.

Direct Mail 

Direct mail marketing can be tough in terms of ROI due to postage and printing costs. The vast majority of direct mail marketing letters end up in the trash if they look too advertorial. Something as small as having the addresses hand written will take time but it will be the personal touch that creates leads. Adding a coupon of some sort can be useful to get people in the door of your business. 

Magnets and Pens 

Business card magnets have been used for decades and still remain an effective way to market. Pens are another way to stay present in the minds of potential customers. Everyone uses magnets and pens so it is a practical way to market. These are cheaper options than creating hats or t-shirts especially if you want to mass produce them. 

Sponsoring a Local Event 

Sponsoring a charity run or other local event can be the perfect way to gain favor with people in the local community. Even providing food for the event can be enough and can be a great marketing plan. Avoid trying to sell at these events but giving out coupons or gift certificates is recommended. T-shirts for the event including the company’s logo or name can turn attendees into walking advertisements. Finding the right event is going to be difficult as you want your target demographic to attend. Local news stations frequently cover charity events that are going on in the area. This strategy can work for both established businesses in the area or newer businesses looking to gain some form of recognition. 

Speaking at Industry Events 

Industry events can be hotbeds of deals being made and contracts being signed. If asked to speak at an event it is imperative that the businessowner or member of the staff does so. This will not be the time to push products on the attendees though as many conferences prohibit self-promotion. Showcasing knowledge can convince attendees to check out a business so make sure the presentation is engaging. Always have business cards available as well and video the presentation to be posted on the company website and YouTube. 

Take the time to consider which traditional marketing tactics will work for your business. All businesses are unique so creating a custom plan will be required. Old school marketing can still convert when done in an intelligent manner but should still be supplemented by digital marketing.