How to clean your Ping Pong Table after a Party

So, I threw my annual ping pong party and it was a raving success. My guests were merry, the tournament was a hit and the beer ping pong? Epic! Just ask my friend Dave- he’s sleeping off the cocktails that I so graciously provided in my living room by the way.

I must say, I deserve a hearty Mazeltov on my huge success. Not many people can plan and pull off great ping pong parties, so I should be very proud of yourself. Right? But the festivities have come to a close and it is time to drag myself out of bed and try and set my home straight.

I’ll be the first to admit it- that I’m not in the best state for cleaning, but it has to be done. Having owned my table for years, I know that if I leave my ping pong table messy or dirty for long, the grime will accumulate.

Not only will it become harder to get rid of the layer of dirt and stains once they’ve set, but the grime will also affect my table’s texture, which is the last thing any ping pong player wants.

While cleaning my ping pong table is also important for simple aesthetics, it goes far beyond that. A dirty ping pong table will:

Impede my gameplay

The ping pong ball simply doesn’t enjoy the same type of bounce or spin on a dirty table as it does on a clean one. Dirt will make the bounce or spin of the ball inconsistent, which is bound to affect the way I play.

Transfer dirt to my ball and paddles

With every bounce and contact, the dirt on my table will easily be transferred to my ball and paddles, further spreading the grime around. This grime will cause my paddle to start losing its stickiness, which will impact the spin that I generate. Plus, dirty and sticky balls are unpleasant to handle and can also be just as bad for my gameplay.

Impact my table’s durability

If I want to keep your ping pong table looking attractive and useful for long, preserving its life and value is of the utmost importance and I can only do so with proper cleaning. Furthermore, should I need to upgrade to a better table, I might need to sell this current one. And it will be a whole lot easier to sell it for a good price if I keep and maintain it well.

So how do you clean a ping pong table after a party? Here are some important tips to help:

Collect and dispose of any dirty bottles, papers, cups

Collect all your dirt bottles, cups, and any trash that you find on top of your table. Pour away anything that is still unfinished and put any recyclables in a sturdy bag. Do the same for any food pieces and nibbles that may have been left on the table.

Remember to also remove any ashtrays or containers that do not belong on the ping pong table. Getting rid of trash will allow you to concentrate on the cleaning and not the clearing.

Spot treat any problem areas

If you notice any problem areas- we are talking about stains that stand out- that you’re having a hard time getting rid of, then these areas might need to be cleaned using specialized ping pong table cleaners.

In the case of tricky stains (we’re looking at you, red delicious wine), consider blotting, soaking for s few seconds with your cleaner of choice, more blotting, more ping pong cleaner, more blotting until the stain comes out. Be sure to keep your dry cloth or paper towels on stand by so that you can blot the problem area dry.

Tackle stains brought on by beer, champagne or white wine using a diluted liquid laundry solution or dish soap and a soft cloth or rag. If there is confetti stuck to the table, which can be a challenge to get rid of, dab a small amount of alcohol on the affected areas and use gentle pressure to take the colorful stains out.

If you notice any mysterious, sticky substances have dried on the surface of your table, consider making a hot compress by soaking a soft cleaning rag or sponge is really hot water. Wring out excess liquid and press the sponge firmly against the spill until the compress loses the heat. Repeat this as needed until the spill loosens or until you can wipe away the surface easily.

What not to do when cleaning your table after a party

When cleaning your table, you want to preserve the surface of your table. This means that you cannot:

Use abrasive cleaners

Some household cleaners are too harsh for the soft and delicate surface on ping pong tables. If you cannot use a specialized cleaner for ping pong tables, consider using mild soap and water. Don’t forget to clean the net as well as all the metal and other moving parts of the table’s frame.

Making the table too wet

Excessive water and moisture will ruin your table. Unless your table is specifically designed for use outside, it should be protected from coming into contact with excess moisture. Most indoor tables are manufactured using wood and if they absorb excess moisture, they will start to warp and lose shape- nobody wants that.

Final words

Hosted a ping pong party (raucous or not) and been left with the devastation of the night’s or day’s festivities? Then you will be looking for help on how to clean your ping pong table and return it to its original shine.

Like me, ping pong players love ping pong tables- until it is time to clean them. It’s understandable. Cleaning can be a hectic and boring chore. And when you add fatigue from a night of partying in the mix, the task is made even more deplorable. But you can’t avoid it forever.

After all the partying you’ve done, you may not be able to fully trust your hungover and exhausted brain to know how to get red wine stains from a ping pong table before it is too late. Not to worry though. This guide should skillfully allow you to clean up without affecting the texture of your ping pong table.