Everybody’s Looking for a Job Online – and Thanks to COVID They’re Finding It

Many people lost their jobs because of disrupting coronavirus. However, some of them managed to work from home successfully. Yet, people started searching for jobs online and as surprising as it may seem, Covid-19 helped them to find it. In this article, we will talk about jobs which helped people a lot during the quarantine period.

Social media

People started to work as social media managers. It proved to be ideal for people who have good communication skills and fluency in a foreign language. And do not think that this work will not be in demand in the conditions of our, let’s say, new reality. On the contrary, as you can see, now almost all stores and catering facilities have moved to work online. Accordingly, they need promotion in social networks. It is important that it be relevant, creative, topical moments. It is possible that even with humour – modern Internet users are very fond of this. And then your work will be a great success, which will be measured by views, likes and reposts.

Being an SMM, communication with the audience is also very important. We can say that this is one of the most difficult components of the work of the manager for maintaining social networks. After all, people are very different, and not everyone can like the product offered by your employer or your presentation. Here you need to have a lot of patience, be sure to politely respond to criticism and understand what exactly the person did not like. After all, there is a good old saying that you should never forget – “The client is always right.”


Well, if, nevertheless, communication with a dissatisfied audience is far from your forte, then you can try yourself in copywriting. In Georgia, Covid-19 also prevailed and earning money from home in Georgia also gained a lot of popularity. Indeed, now many sites will need to update the content. If earlier, the client simply came to the store and saw the goods on the shelves, and the seller-consultant answered all his questions, now the shelves are the page of the site, the seller-consultant is the correct description of the goods. This is the task of a copywriter. And we mentioned Georgia because it has numerous people involved in this activity. It was not difficult to find this job during the quarantine. 

Of course, a person will be able to write, enter into dialogue with a representative of the site’s information support. But you understand that in the conditions of a personal dialogue with the seller in the store, a person will ask, and he may be too lazy to write and go to look for the goods he needs on another site, where he can find the information he needs.

Of course, copywriting is not only about creating content for online stores. First of all, this is the creation of unique texts, the range of which is very, very wide.

Along with copywriting, rewriting is very popular – this is a modification of the finished text so that a unique material is obtained. This is a fairly affordable way to earn money that does not require special skills, but for this work, it is desirable to have a good knowledge of the language and a rich vocabulary.

Online Courses

If you are an advanced pro in a certain field and can share your knowledge with others, then conducting online courses is an activity for you! Their subjects can be very different – proper nutrition, methods of losing weight, sports training at home, teaching foreign languages, learning computer programs and much more.

But this area of ​​employment is more labour-intensive than the previous ones. In this case, you act as an independent businessman and advertiser of your services. Here, in addition to everything, you need to be both an SMM and a copywriter, because they should learn about you and want to turn to you for services.

Adjust to reality

Of course, the modern reality is difficult to perceive, but many enterprising people have already managed to use it. For example, the production of medical masks, which are not only in our country but around the world in short supply.

People also started to learn programming in order to find better jobs, and we know how this field is relevant in the modern world. Also, Forex has become a popular activity, and online people can search for courses to improve their knowledge and therefore earn additional money. It all comes to determination and hard-working – everything is possible, even finding a job in quarantine.