More and More Africans Are Finding Success During the Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic, which started in March, has had a sweeping effect on the whole world. It dramatically altered the world we knew before the coronavirus. Social distancing has become a norm, people have been left without jobs, and prominent events were cancelled.

Africa, which initially did not suffer much from Covid-19, ultimately got the taste of this annoying virus. Now the continent has become an epicentre of the pandemic and considering the poor health system in the country, people will have a hard time.

However, most Africans managed to achieve success during the lockdown, which resulted in finding decent jobs and earning money. In this article, we will talk about this topic.

Africans learning copywriting

The young generation in Africa is more inclined to keep up with modern trends. They see an increasing demand in creating content; therefore learning a foreign language is a must. Some of them managed to sharpen their writing skills and found jobs online. Freelancing is a prevalent activity, and even though the situation is hard in many countries, somehow, Africans manage to work from home.

Forex trading

Forex has become a very popular activity in the world and surprisingly gained a foothold in Africa as well. Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa are the hottest places currently in the region. People dream of becoming successful in FX in South Africa as well as Kenya and Nigeria, but the path for achieving success in Forex requires a lot of practise and experience. 

However, the young generation is more motivated to learn as much as possible. They look for online opportunities and courses, where the content is available for free. In times of quarantine Africans managed to learn the basics of Forex. Now they are on their way to establishing themselves.


Considering the lack of high-quality specialists in the programming field, a decent programmer with appropriate skills is a wish for every major company. They are willing to pay thousands of dollars. In Africa, this field is not well-developed, but youngsters aware of luxury programming offers is very captivating. They started learning popular programming languages, and encounter freelancing opportunities on the Internet. So this is another clear example of Africans finding success during the pandemic.

Launching their own websites

Having a high-quality website, where you can place content as well as host advertisements, can be extremely beneficial. Knowing how a website can increase the popularity of a particular product and result in high earnings, Africans have mastered the skills in website development. While some countries still struggle to provide the Internet to families, those who have access to it manage to seize the opportunity and become experts of website-creating.


Covid-19 has hindered all of us and practically deprived us of a normal lifestyle. Unemployment has become a huge problem for each country and especially the ones in Africa, where the economic and political landscape is harsh. But given the difficult circumstances, Africans still manage to think ahead and acquire skills that are necessary for finding a decent job.