3 Reasons To Use An SEO Agency

With so much information available online enabling you to do your own SEO, you may be wondering why on earth you would hire an SEO agency when you can do it yourself. 

But there comes a point when you can’t go any further, when you need to draw on the services of an SEO expert to break you through the SEO ceiling. 

So what can an SEO agency do that you can’t? 

1. They have access to expensive SEO tools. 

You can use Google Analytics, you’ve learned how to do keyword research, you’ve grasped the basics of SEO, but in order to switch it up a gear, you need to get serious with the SEO tools that can take you from zero to hero (or page one of the SERP). 

And investing in these tools just don’t make sense if your bread and butter isn’t digital marketing. Plus there’s the time required to get properly acquainted with them, and also, how do you know which ones you’ll even need? 

SEO agencies don’t just have access to the tech stack you need, they know how to use it too, and how to wield it to your advantage. 

2. They know what they’re doing. 

Not being funny, but the success of your digital marketing efforts shouldn’t come down to trial and error. Experiments and guesswork are only going to get you so far in this game, and you can actually do more harm than good to your site if you do the wrong SEO activities. Getting backlinks the wrong way, for example (a black hat SEO technique) can see you heavily penalised, even removed from the SERP. 

SEO agencies have the knowledge and expertise to make smart SEO decisions that will benefit your site, not hurt it. 

Plus, as well as having a core team who know SEO like the back of their hand, they also have links to other SEO experts with more specific skills for technical SEO requirements or outreach, for example.

Also, they’ve weathered all the Google algorithm updates and are fully up to speed on the latest SEO trends. With them by your side doing your SEO for you, it’ll free you up to focus on the more important things, you know, like growing your business. 

3. SEO agencies get results. 

This is probably the most important point. Not only do SEO agencies get results, but they track your progress, they test and adjust their plan, they measure and analyse the results to ensure that your SEO star continues to rise, no matter how long that may take. 

They don’t just do something and hope it works, every move they make is strategic, lining you up for long term SEO success.

Because don’t be under any illusion that SEO is a sprint, it is not. SEO is a long game that when played well, by professionals, will see your business reaping the rewards for eons to come. 

So yes, it may cost you money to outsource your SEO requirements to an agency, but it’s a valuable investment, totally worth your time and money. 
Whether you opt for an agency or consultant, make sure you find one that’s recognised, trusted and established.