Choosing a career for your life is not an easy task as it demands you to picture decades down the line and plan a future with it. The limitless possibilities are daunting for most individuals to choose on a hunch. That is why people often recruit the help of professional councilors to channelize their thoughts and determine the most feasible option suiting their personality. It is a time taking process, but it promises reliable career choices that are not difficult to fit in for people.

However, the most popular and frequent results are often encircling the field of businesses. And since the figures are so tempting in this field, it is not hard for people to imagine a career with it. The preferable areas from this wide range are generally accounting and finances. Besides, these are areas of companies where you can find a job on any level and pay scale. It means that you can start small and expect gradual growth and development as you cultivate your skills. This flexibility, as well as encouraging scope, makes it convenient for people to visualize a life around it. On top of this, the diverse work capacities that you can entertain even after getting an accounting and finance degree makes people feel in control. It enables them to address the room for growth and makes them explore possibilities in certifications and diplomas to complement their resume.

The doors of opportunities that specific programs open for your career are equally attractive for individuals. It instills a sense of progress within you and makes you more adaptable to changes. And the best part is that you can pursue some or most of these courses online. This remote access makes everyone more inclined to sign up for them. A potential option to consider from available choices is getting an MSA degree online that allows you to take your accounting skills to the next level. Besides that, it maximizes the range of jobs that you are deemed suitable for at a company. That makes it an exceptional line to add to your appealing resume to make you an outstanding candidate before employers.

If you are someone who can envision a career with accounting and finance, then here are some excellent choices for you to consider to drop your applications.

  • Chartered Accountants

The most coveted job position for accounting graduates is of chartered accountants. Unlike most professions, these individuals do not limit their work to any discipline, and hence, offer their services in multiple departments. They are suited to shoulder auditing, taxation, corporate financing activities, business recovery plans, forensic accounting, and many other areas falling under the umbrella.

  • Financial Planners

No business flourishes if there isn’t sufficient financial planning to make it successful, which makes financial planning another fascinating and promising career to pursue. You get to review assets and resources and devise company strategies for future investments. These are crucial for a company to maintain its financial stability and cash flow, so it’s safe to assume that this career has a lot of potential for growth.

  • Analysts

Financial and accounting analysts help with reviewing a company’s investments and expenditures. They pluck out the anomalies and redundant activities from the statements that are causing the business to make reduced profits. After careful examination, they can advise changes and reforms that would allow the company to improve its performance and efficiency. For instance, these professionals can recommend revising marketing budgets and strategies to ensure the business’s growth.

  • Forensic Accounting

This type of accounting requires professionals to invest themselves and discover criminal funding and illicit activities. Since businesses require the exchange of large sums of money, it isn’t hard to launder money while completing these transactions. That is why forensic accounting is vital to avoid any breach of legal protocols.

  • Auditing

Auditing is a periodic activity for every business, company, or institute to account for its assets. It allows them to track their available resources and tally them against expected figures. Banks are the most common places to conduct these finance audits at large scale to ensure that they have clear transaction records. These are important and tedious jobs but pay equally well if you are diligent with your work.

  • Attorney

You can encounter the most complex and challenging legal affairs while managing a business. It means that it is inevitable for you to have ample knowledge of finance and accounting if you wish to handle them efficiently. That makes the combination of degrees in law and accounting and finance a perfect complement for each other. And because people can never eliminate the need for competent attorneys, this is a steady and healthy line of work for anyone seeking a secure career.

  • Commercial & Investment Banking

Banking is a vast field of careers for anyone with a degree in accounting and finance. However, commercial and investment banking are two of the most rewarding areas for any banker. Commercial banking has capacities such as loan & trust officers, bank tellers, and managers that deal with corporate clients and assist them with their finances. They are often responsible for issuing them a line of credit against their credit scores.

Investment bankers, on the other hand, facilitate brokering and negotiation between advanced institutional clients. They supervise account mergers, corporate restructuring and help raise capital by underwriting equities or debt securities.

  • Risk Management

Every business venture entails a certain degree of risk. Finance graduates can take up the task of risk management for a business or a company and offer a descript outlay of any commercial activity. These details include areas of unstable expenses, profit & loss margins, the potential risk to ongoing projects, the volatility of the project, and tasks of related nature. It makes risk management before making any significant business investment a necessity. Hence, adding immense value to this career choice.


These are some of the bright and generously paid career choices for accounting and finance graduates. If you can’t find anything suitable for you here, then there is still a long list of options to go through that might change your mind. Rest assured, you can sit on a stable and healthy source of income by choosing a career in this area. The career options, as mentioned above, are just the basic mainstream ones; otherwise, you can always opt for whatever you want to. However, your career shouldn’t be based entirely on assumed career lines and should be more about what you enjoy doing so that you do not have to dread every morning to go to work.