Top 5 Best Corporate Gifts For Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a common job career nowadays that is way more complex and difficult than a normal job and than we could think.  Entrepreneurs are hard working people that work late at night, spend a lot of time building new systems and procedures and have to organize everything.

For this exact reason, some entertainment and treats are well deserved from time to time and you’ll probably make that person very happy. 

Here, we will list the most practical gifts for entrepreneurs to please them all and in any event. If you’re a colleague entrepreneur, a member of their family or an employee, you’ll find the best new business gift ideas you need to know in this article.

Espro Copper Coffee Press – $69.95

A coffee is sometimes everything that we need, and entrepreneurs are no different from anyone else. Espro created the coffee press to make an excellent coffee in no time and anywhere.

There are only a few better things than a coffee in the morning when getting to the office, and the entrepreneur receiving a gift will like it for sure. Did we mention that the coffee gets ready in only 3 to 4 minutes?

In addition to being a great purchase, Espro includes a lifetime warranty with this copper coffee press which is fantastic to say the least. 

UBB 9L Sidekick Backpack – $68

As an entrepreneur, there’s so many things to be carried all around the office, meeting rooms or appointments around the city.

United By Blue has made this brilliant and extremely practical backpack to carry everything that your entrepreneur friend or boss might need. There’s a lot of room inside to carry headphones, notebooks, glasses, and there’s even a water bottle sleeve on the side. 

It is big enough to take a 15’’ laptop with them and small enough to be carried everywhere without bothering your entrepreneur friend or partner.

Also, it is available in 2 different colors which is always great if the person you’re giving it to doesn’t like the black version.

Lastly, it is 100% made of recycled material which is great for the environment.

Tile Slim Bluetooth Key Tracker $29.99

As Gemnote mentioned in their articles, the Bluetooth key trackers from Tile are an excellent gift for kid entrepreneurs but also more senior ones.

Tile has created one of the most useful items for entrepreneurs as this device will help them find lost phones, wallet, backpack, and anything else attached to the Bluetooth tracker. You can even attach it to your bluetooth headphones for Xbox One.

In addition, it has a 200 feet range which makes it one of the new business gift ideas to think of for your boss or colleague.

There are a few Tile products available and the Slim one is the most versatile. For example, you can fit it in your passport cover, your portfolio, your wallet, and basically everywhere you can think of.

Native Union Eclipse Charger – $29.99

One of the most annoying and frustrating things that can happen during a day at work is to see your devices running out of battery.

This is why the Eclipse Charger from Native Union was created. It is a minimalist and practical 3 cable charger with a storage for the cables so that they won’t be laying everywhere on your desk.

It will keep any desk tidier and its system allows up to 3 devices to charge at the exact same speed, so you won’t be wasting any time.

Obviously, it is also one of the best corporate gifts for kid entrepreneurs that you shouldn’t underestimate. To add up, its touch sensor and halo will help the entrepreneur find their cables with ease even in the dark.

S’Well Onyx Insulated Water Bottle 17 Oz – $35

A water bottle may sound common and not that nice. However, it can actually be one of the best practical gifts for entrepreneurs.

To start with,and most importantly, it will keep the beverages cold for 27 hours and hot for 12 hours. That is one great feature that anyone would like, and what the S’Well Onyx bottle is all about.

Secondly, it is eco-friendly and that’s only one reason that probably makes it one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs of 2020

Lastly, if you need to give a bigger bottle that will allow your entrepreneur friend or partner, the 25 Oz version of this same bottle is available for only 10 more dollars.