What to Expect When Holidaying on a Superyacht

Billed as the ultimate in floating luxury, the superyacht offers unimaginable comfort in stylish surroundings, and while you might think such an experience is out of your reach, you will be pleased to learn that when shared by a large group, prices are actually affordable. In order to give you a clearer idea of such an experience, here is a brief description of life aboard a superyacht.

Planning your Route

You first need to decide what part of the world you wish to experience; South East Asia is a firm favourite, with the idyllic Andaman Sea that is close to the island of Phuket and with very affordable yacht charter in Thailand, you have many route options. The charter company would have several major ports they operate from, such as Phuket, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia, and that stretch of coastline is a very attractive proposition for a floating holiday.

The Environment

Living on a superyacht means only the very best in every respect; fine walnut and leather upholstery furniture with climate control for every en-suite cabin that is crammed with mod cons to make your stay more enjoyable. There are numerous sun decks, a hot tub and relaxing areas on the multiple decks, and with staterooms that are designed for royalty, you have the best interior and outdoor accommodation there is!

The Cuisine

With your very own master chef, the menu is completely down to you, and this is just one of many aspects that you would discuss with the charter company. If, for example, you are taking a 10-day cruise, then the chef would create the ideal menu for the trip and all provisions would be loaded in preparation. Whether you prefer a combination of buffet lunches and sit-down evening meals, the crew are there for you and anytime anyone fancied something nice to eat, consider it done. The drinks list is another thing to discuss with the company, as they are happy to include everything you would like available.

Water Sports

Of course, on a superyacht, you will have many opportunities to explore the warm, crystal clear waters, and the skipper would know of the best snorkelling and diving locations, plus you can expect to see kayaks and maybe even a jet ski. The hot tub and pool are always available and if you prefer to top up that tan, there are loungers on the sun decks, where you can order your favourite cocktail and enjoy the blissful views.

Service That is Second to None

You are literally waited on hand and foot by the professional crew, who are trained to provide the best service while at sea, and anything you want, simply ask one of the crew and it shall be done. Peaceful evenings in tropical bays are the norm on a superyacht cruise, and as you are in charge, you can drop anchor whenever it suits you and spend some time admiring the scenery or exploring the marine life.

If you would like a once-in-a-lifetime cruise on a superyacht, there are charter companies that offer such a service and with a selection of vessels, you can tailor the experience.