Grow Your Startup With Video

Startups are the perfect business model for entrepreneurs – they are quick to grow and generate profit. Of course, this is only true if you develop an innovative product and know how to advertise it.

It’s not all that easy to develop a marketing strategy – it asks for a lot of money and careful planning. There are so many content creation models available that it’s a challenge to choose.

However, as many studies suggest, video is one of the most effective ways to promote your product or service. So, we will be looking into why you need video and how you can use it to your advantage in the best way possible.

The Benefits of Using Video 

People, your potential customers included, tend to be visual perceivers. They find images and videos way more understandable and enticing than plain text. Which is why a business like Mag-nificent can be crucial in helping launch an event or a party.

Many statistics show that video campaigns are the rage at the moment. For example, videos on landing pages increase conversions by as high as 80%. Besides, over 90% of digital consumers will share videos with others.

When it comes to youtube, people watch over 500 hours of video each day, and four of every five viewers find demo videos helpful. Most of the users who watch such demos end up buying the product, too.

These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to user statistics, but we feel it proves the point quite well.

Choosing the Right Type of Video

Your mind might be flooding with ideas of possible video topics. However, to make your content more efficient, you need to choose wisely. Use these approaches to do so.

Follow the Blog

Dig into Google Analytics to see which of the posts from your company website perform best. If you produce video content covering similar topics, people will come to them more organically.

Find the Support

As the guys at the St Louis video production company say, their clients have seen a higher return on investment using video than any other form of advertising. Such companies specialize in video marketing and telling the story of your company. 

They,  for example, can help you brainstorm the topics – they already have the knowledge on the FAQs from users on various issues. They can even help you make a video series providing answers.

Look Into External Resources

Check what people are searching for using the many tools available out there – Ubersuggests and Answer the Public being our two favorite examples.

This data will help you come up with constant keywords and phrases that people often google. Then create content around those.

Top Approaches of Pitching Your Video Content

There are several ways to make this idea work even more to your advantage. Here are our favorite approaches.

Youtube Series

You’re an expert on your product or service. You launched it with a solution to a particular problem in mind, or you wanted to help your customers in their everyday lives.

How-to videos are the perfect way to build trust with your audience while showcasing your expertise on the topic.

Social Media Content Promotion

Social media is so cluttered nowadays that it’s challenging to reach your audience organically. People are drawn to videos more than text, so it is a useful strategy for promoting on social networks.

So, create short teaser videos with the main points from your posts. Include the link to the original posts, though, and you’ll drive traffic.

Teaming Up With Influencers

Brands reach out to influencers hoping to promote their products or services to pre-established audiences. So, influencers tend to get tons of pitches daily, which leads to most of them being unnoticed.

You need a subtle approach, which could be featuring an influencer in a startup video.

Adding Clips to Email Marketing

Email marketing strategy seems to be as old as time, but it’s growing stale. So, you could spice it up with a little video attachment to your mails.

Final Thoughts

Video content is a super-powerful tool that can lead to the extreme growth of your business. To implement it the best, assess your marketing strategy and try to fit it where it has the potential of bringing the highest value.

There are many ways to do so – fine-tune your content marketing approach to social media. Make a Youtube channel or create webinars. If you’ve already dipped your toes in the waters of video, you might further engage your audience via live streaming. The trend seems to be on continual rise, and it doesn’t look like it will hit a plateau anytime soon. So, jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of this with our starter tips.