Americans Must Stand Behind The President Against China

No nation can be expected to endure for long if the people don’t stand behind their leader in the midst of difficult negotiations with foreign countries. Why, then, should the American people stand idly by while President Donald Trump’s detractors and critics work tirelessly to undermine him in the middle of our negotiations with China? Despite the fact that China has been profiting off of the United States for decades, domestic critics of the president seem content with tying his hands behind his back, ensuring continued American defeats in forthcoming negotiations.

Here’s why Americans must stand behind the president against China as negotiations come to a conclusion.

They’re feeling the heat from the trade war

It goes without saying that China is feeling the heat from the trade war, yet many people seem to think that the United States should capitulate right as our enemy is leaning on the ropes, exhausted and moments away from breaking entirely. As the president recently pointed out, internal actors like the Federal Reserve are causing just as much trouble as outside actors like Chinese negotiators when it come to sustaining American prosperity. If we don’t rally behind the president as a nation sooner rather than later, the immense progress we’ve made against China could disappear.

Don’t bother telling that to the Democratic candidates running against him in 2020, however; rather than criticize the president openly and honestly, they’ve resorted to their usual tactics of smearing anyone who disagrees with them as being a racist. As the president works to boost the stock market regardless of what it might cost him in the short run, his long-term ability to deal with the Chinese is being radically undercut by false allegations against him. Perhaps worst of all is the fact that those criticizing the president from the left would gladly give in to China the minute they were put in charge of negotiations.

It’s long been recognized that leading Democrats like former Vice President Joe Biden are too soft on China to convince them to change their unacceptable behavior, yet millions of Americans at Skylark Senior Home Care are still drinking the Kool-Aid and think he’d be a capable commander-in-chief. If the American economy is to remain prosperous for long, we can’t possibly be expected to trade in a seasoned businessman and negotiator like Donald Trump for someone like Joe Biden or one of his cronies.

Only Trump will stand up for us

While liberal pundits and media superstars worth millions of dollars tear their hair out and try to figure out why the president remains popular despite their continued efforts to bring them down, the rest of us understand why Donald Trump is set to win in 2020 – only he will stand up for us. Whether it’s Chinas continued lawbreaking and disregard for norms, as well as currency manipulation on platforms like EagleFX or the freeriding that Americans have come to expect from some of our allies, only President Trump is willing to stand up and boldly say what no one else is willing to. This has often cost him, yet its been immensely good for America as a whole.

The fact that Americans are refusing to stand by their president in his hour of need is made all the more jarring by the fact that his time in office is costing him huge sums of money. While the president works to renegotiate the awful trade agreements that have been holding us back for years, his personal business empire is crumbling without his expertise and leadership. The president has likely already lost billions of dollars and could stand to lose more if economic conflict continues, but he can’t reinstall confidence in the global economy when he’s being constantly undermined at home by his opponents.

They’re never going to stop attacking him

It would be ludicrous to ask the Democratic candidates running for president to refrain from attacking him with baseless smears; after all, they’ll stop at nothing to remove him from power and hand control of this country back over to their donors. Americans should stop wasting their time trying to convince the president’s rabid opposition to listen to his message and instead mobilize themselves against his critics, voting them out of office in droves.

If President Trump is to achieve victory in the ongoing trade war with China, he needs unified support across the country to fall back upon. That means more Republican officeholders need to be elected, regardless of how difficult that may be in the immediate electoral environment. Until Americans realize that a divided country will never achieve victory against its foreign opponents, we’ll never be able to secure the position of the United States on the world stage. It’s time to start rallying around the flag as these trade negotiations come to a close. The president is tantalizingly close to a victory, but he needs more support now than ever before if he’s to seal the deal.