The Three Types of Kratom

You might have thought that kratom was a single thing and that there was only one version of it. But there are in fact three different versions, and it’s important that you select the right one for your health needs. In this article, we will share with you information about each strain of kratom, as well as how to identify it and why you’ll want to know which one to pick.

  • Red Vein 

The most frequently used strain of kratom is the red vein. This is distinguishable from the others by its unsurprisingly red coloration. It has a higher concentration of one of the two main ingredients found in kratom leaves. The ingredient it has more of is known as 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is a powerful painkiller and muscle relaxant. This type of kratom is often used for pain relief in the place of conventional pills from pharmacies. Also, red vein kratom can soothe and calm the mind and body. 

Furthermore, red vein kratom is also divided into several subcategories, each with its own distinctive effects. We lack the space to go into all of them, but in brief, we will cover two. Thai red vein is targeted at relieving anxiety and depression because it boosts happiness. Borneo red vein is associated with pleasure and mood enhancement. 

  • Green Vein 

Kratom of the green variety has a more energizing effect compared to the red strain. It boosts your capacity to sustain your attention span and your ability to concentrate. This means you can get more done without having to suffer a collapse in your energy levels. It’s also worth pointing out that you won’t be made jittery by green kratom, as it doesn’t cause that level of stimulation. Green vein kratom forms a moderate option in between the red and the white varieties. It has a selection of properties from both of those types, with the overall result being that it will keep you calm and give you more energy. If you’re in pain, it will also reduce the severity of it without making you drowsy. This means you can overcome any minor injuries or aches without having to sacrifice your productivity. This is an extremely important contribution that green kratom can make to your life. 

Some of the best subcategories of green kratom include Malay green vein and Bali green vein. The former improves your brainpower for a short period, enabling you to complete intensive mental tasks without feeling excessively overwhelmed. The latter serves as a potent painkiller. 

  • White Vein 

Just as you can spot red and green kratom by its colors, the same holds true for white kratom. The leaves will be all-white. In contrast to the other types, white kratom is a highly powerful stimulant that will drive up your energy levels far above what other strains of kratom will achieve. It will give you the ability to conquer the tasks that lie ahead of you, and not have to worry about running out of time or losing focus. If you’d rather avoid caffeine or energy drinks, then this is an ideal substitute. 

Notable subcategories of white kratom include Bali white vein and Sumatra white vein. The Bali strain provides the most euphoria whereas the Sumatra strain gives you the most energy. 

  • Conclusion 

Now that you know more about kratom than the average person does, you might like to try some for yourself. The good news is you can buy kratom online in bulk, and have it sent to you. This makes ordering it convenient and simple. We recommend this path if you’re new to kratom.