Alvin Weidenaar Personal Injury Lawyers

Being involved in some sort of accident or event that has resulted in injury can be frustrating. Medical costs pile up quickly and lost wages due to missing work can put an individual in financial peril. The selection of a law firm needs to be done carefully as it will directly impact the settlement that a client receives. Legal professional like those at Alvine Weidenaar LLP can allow an injured person to focus on their recovery. The firm also handles criminal cases which are equally important. Picking the wrong firm can lead to extra years on a sentence or conviction on a charge that easily could have been plead down.

Below will give an overview of this law firm – Alvine Weidenaar that will fight hard for you during your personal injury or criminal defense case!

Our Attorneys 

Grant Alvine has over 25 years of experience as a litigator with the firm. He takes on cases that involve life changing serious injuries from a variety of auto accidents. Grant also takes on cases that involve wrongful deaths and product liability lawsuits. He is a member of the Super Lawyers of the Great Plaines and was named in the national top 100 for trial lawyers. He grew his experience by starting out as a prosecutor in the Minnehaha County State Attorney’s Office. 

Grant comes from a family full of doctors so he has an array of knowledge on anatomy. This knowledge allows him to fight for his clients in intense ways due to the comprehension of how an injury will impact quality of life. If you want an attorney that will truly represent you and fight for you, Grant is the man for the job. 

Bram Weidenaar received his law dreed from the University of South Dakota School of Law. Bram has spent over a quarter of a century acting as the voice for the injured in various auto accident and worker’s comp cases. He has been listed as one of the best attorneys in the country by various legal organizations. His resume and experience speak for themselves with the ability to even practice in the United States Court of Appeal for the Eighth Circuit. 

Zachary T. Flood represent clients that have been arrested and charged with a crime. Zachary upholds the Midwest standards of ethics, values, and hard work for every single client he represents. In law school Zachary was the president of the Trial Team which allowed him to gain valuable litigation experience in various situations. He is a member of the South Dakota Trial Lawyer’s Association and has the honor of being one of the top 40 trial attorneys under the age of 40. Zachary has worked with judges and prosecutors so he understands how to attack a case regardless of which judge is presiding. 

Areas of Expertise

The areas of expertise that are handled by Alvine Weidenaar are personal injury cases, worker’s comp cases, and criminal defense cases.

Personal injury cases range from car accidents to dog bites. With years of litigation experience and millions of dollars in settlements garnered from clients, this law firm has it all in terms of personal injury expertise. 

Worker’s compensation cases can help you stay afloat while unable due to a work-related injury. Understanding rights as an employee can be difficult without the legal knowledge of Alvine Weidenaar LLP. 

Criminal defense cases can differ from something like a DUI to drug possession. More serious crimes are also handled by the firm like that of murder cases on a regular basis. Not only can the firm help you have charges reduced, charges being dropped can also maintain a reputation. 


The testimonials for this law firm couldn’t be more positive. For example, one client said, “I was very happy with the work Grant did on my personal injury case. He was able to recover almost FOUR TIMES what the insurance company offered me personally. This IS a very professional law firm which works very hard for its clients.” This type of work not only shows that the attorneys will not settle and will win if going to trial becomes a necessity. Another happy client stated, “I would recommend Bram Weidner to everyone. He is a top-notch attorney that continues to fight for the rights of the injured worker. I have a work injury/neck and also two neck surgeries. His expertise and knowledge for the injured people is AWESOME.” The attorneys at Alvine Weidenaar will fight for you and their former clients are not shy to let you know!

Fee Structure 

Alvine Weidenaar represent most of their cases without upfront payment. The only time you will be charged is if your case is won. Criminal cases differ with a fixed fee for specific types of crimes. The more serious and involved a case is the higher the fees will be due to the hours that need to be spent. 

Importance of Trial Experience 

Most personal injury cases settle outside of court but trial is an option. At times, an insurance company or legal team will not offer a settlement that is acceptable. At Alvine Weidenaar LLP we understand the importance of being experienced when a case has to go to trial. Every case has different mitigating circumstances which could make your case unique. With years of experience Alvine Weidenaar LLP will not be intimidated to go to trial if a client is no happy with a settlement amount. Picking a law firm that doesn’t have trial experience is something that insurance companies know and will take advantage of. 

In the criminal capacity our clients could be placing their freedom in our hands. Plea bargains can be a great option for those that might know they will be convicted if they go to trial. Our attorneys can help you make the right decision and have relationships with prosecutors to get deals done!

As you can see Alvine Weidenaar LLP understand what it takes to win a case and has the experience to help you win! Taking your case to another firm is a risk when 3 of the top attorneys in the local area work at one firm!