Top 3 Fall 2019 Fashion Trends to Look out for

Fall fashion is heating up with the new season. Get ready to show off your favorite looks at the office and on the weekend. Now is your chance to find out the hottest trends. You will have access to everything from the wild to the more classic. Check out the following list to get your hands on the hottest pieces for the fall season.

Get wild

Animal print is hot and heavy this season when it comes to accessories. You can find plenty of bags, belts and shoes in a variety of animal inspired patterns. The hottest print of the moment is python. It was marched up and down the runway this past season. In fact, it is pretty popular right now in skirts, pants and dresses. However, accessories are the safest bet when it comes to incorporating animal into your daily look. For example, check out this gorgeous Mark Cross blue python bag found on The RealReal. A bag like this one turns heads while also providing you with a great update your daily look. You can never go wrong with a chic animal print accessory.

Full of chains

One of the hottest looks right now are plenty of layered chains. We are talking layers upon layers when it comes to delivering this look up right and hot. Inspired by Chanel and Versace from the early 90’s, this look is anything but demure. Recalling vintage styles and soft bondage, chains are perfect for adding some amp to your look. You can find plenty of these online at The RealReal where shopping for luxury goods has never been easier. Pick up some chunky gold layered necklaces to wear paired with a turtleneck. They will dress up any blazer and jeans while still giving you an edgy feel. You can also wear chains around your waist for the perfect accent to a little black dress. If you want to stand out, this is how your will do it this season: layered chains!

Plaid as it it

The fall brings crisp tones and plenty of plaid. You can see this look everywhere you go from big cities to small towns. Plaid keeps you cozy and warm when worn as a flannel or it can be unexpectedly elegant when worn as an evening gown. The key is to choose the plaid look that best suits your modern take. A classic plaid scarf can a go a long way to showing off this timeless fall trend. Of course, you can pick up plenty of plaid designer goods at the RealReal

As you can see, fall’s trends are going to continue to be huge as we enter the next year. You can pick up great pieces that will last you through the winter and carry you into an early spring. The best trends are usually the classics that keep you the most in line with today’s fashions. These listed trends will keep you on top as you aim to stay warm for the coming season.