CoinFlip: A Leader in Crypto ATMs and Accessibility

Cryptocurrencies have become part of the public discourse about finance. Few are aware of the great hardware innovations that occurred to support the crypto industry. For example, Asics miners use graphics cards. Some investment experts point to a correlation between the price of Bitcoin and the price of the graphics cards that go into these miners. The influence of the crypto industry even reached a point where all graphical processing units (GPUs) would be directly impacted by the rise and fall of the price of Bitcoin.

These GPU events illustrate the technical nature of the crypto industry. Their importance has grown in recent years to equate to that of the CPU. For the average person, they are unlikely to have the same strong emotional response to news about GPUs as they do about CPUs. The significance lies in the complex tasks that virtual memory can accomplish. GPUs have become integral to these types of operations. This is how Bitcoin and other blockchains are currently being mined.

What becomes quickly apparent is how technical operating in the crypto environment can be. It is precisely this complexity that played a role in the founding of CoinFlip. During the early days of crypto, there was a clear need for user-friendly interfaces to access the Bitcoin ATMs that existed at the time. It was not necessary to deal with such cumbersome operations to complete a secure transaction. CoinFlip is continuing to advance crypto transactions that are suitable for mass adoption.

What user would not want to be in control of their own money? However, our world operates in a fast-paced environment. While tech savvy developers and entrepreneurs may be able to navigate the crypto space in a way that’s conducive for their business, we cannot expect the average person to be capable of the same. This is where CoinFlip fits in.

One day, the world will be using blockchains as easily as the Internet of today. How long this will take depends upon the interest of the average person and businesses willing to enter the space. To help encourage both of these things to move along, companies like CoinFlip will need to lead the way.

About CoinFlip

CoinFlip has hundreds of crypto ATMs throughout the United States. The company was founded by Daniel Polotsky. CoinFlip’s business model is one of bringing a more user-friendly experience to Bitcoin ATMs and give users local bitcoin options. This gives users the ability to securely access decentralized finances. A crypto ATM can deliver a physical paper wallet or many of the other ways that users interact with a blockchain. CoinFlip ATMs deliver the highest standards in hardware security. They physically settle cryptocurrency transactions. It is far and away better than having an exchange handle your crypto keys.

If you’re unsure or concerned about the security of a hardware device, like your phone, laptop or desktop, then finding a CoinFlip ATM becomes an ideal solution. It is a way for users to complete transactions with the utmost assurance of trust in connecting to a blockchain. Below is a list of popular cryptos that CoinFlip provides services for:

  • Bitcoin
  • Binance Coin
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Tron

There are others, but their availability may depend on the particular CoinFlip ATM that you access.