Fred at iMedia: “The power of our technology… clearly stands apart from other approaches”

Last week, awe.some announced the addition of powerful cross-channel ROI tracking to our awe.som efor Marketers product. awe.some CEO Fred McIntyre made the announcement at iMedia Breakthrough Summit, where we presented as one of four finalists in their Next Wave Competition & Showcase.

Shortly after the announcement, Fred spoke with iMedia about awe.some’s technology — and our industry-first ability to attribute individual actions on your website, like purchases, downloads, form submissions, or pageviews, to specific social media posts.

If you missed it already, check out video of Fred’s interview here. Now, there’s also iMedia’s writeup of the event:

Clearly, marketers needed a tool that harnessed the power of awe.some’s technology, which was previously geared toward developers. As a result, awe.some launched “awe.some for marketers” to deal with a number of industry pain points. Most notably, as McIntyre explained, the social measurement tools typically pitched to marketers “had to do with vanity metrics (how many people ‘liked’ it? How many followers did I get?). Or they had been more focused on social listening and qualitative measures like buzz and sentiment.” Although this information can be useful, he explained, “It leaves companies on their own to translate that context into something more tangible that marketers can justify to the CFO.”

In addition to an interview with Fred, the writeup covers our iMedia stagemates Sticky, Qriously, and SET Media. Good stuff — check it out.