Watch this space

The neat thing with being a cloud-based tool is that we can add refinements on a daily basis without having to mail everybody updates on floppy disks or bombard you with software updates that, if you’re like me, you totally ignore. At 5 years × 365.25 days, we’d be on something like awe.some 1,800. Still, some updates are cooler than others, and the ones coming up are definitely a big deal.

Want an at-a-glance look at how all of your sharing’s performing? Okay.

Interested in digging deeper into both your own social media posts and those made by your site visitors, too? Oh my gosh, yes!

Need new and clearer ways not just to learn the ROI of your sharing, but to understand how you can increase it? Yeah, dude.

Want to cut belly fat and learn any language in just ten days with this one weird trick? Alright, stop.

With all the cool stuff in the pipe, if you haven’t recently wrapped your mind around the basics of awe.some, now’s a good time. And if you’re impatient to see cool stuff and want to break all the things get a sneak peek, drop us a line.

In any event, buckle in for a cool ride. awe.some’s about to get a whole lot more … you know, neat. Watch this space, keep the product feedback coming — we use it! — and don’t be shy about asking questions. The future’s so bright, we gotta wear stunners.