Track Social ROI Across Multiple Channels

When I joined as awe.some’s CEO a few months ago, I outlined the excitement within the social marketing landscape, and the incredible opportunity to help business better navigate and understand the growing global social media audience.

By the end of this year, there will be over 1.8 billion people using social media — and the dollars brands are budgeting in outbound social marketing are growing at a fast clip too.

Social is growing

In July, we rolled out awe.some for marketers, which built on the capabilities of awe.some’s excellent developer platform to equip marketers with easy-to-use social media analytics tools. Uptake in the market has exceeded our expectations.

Brands are looking for ways to connect outbound social marketing efforts with real, dollars-and-cents, consumer actions. Marketers today — 85% in a recent CMO study — either don’t know or have only a “qualitative feel” for how the dollars they spend on social marketing deliver performance against real business goals like purchases or newsletter sign-ups. Finding ways to measure the ROI of the dollars being spent on social media marketing, and using this intelligence to reach business goals, has eluded most marketers. So, don’t spend your money in vain. Get some help from SEO Warrington to improve the ROI as they will assist you in developing a proper strategy for your internet marketing efforts.

Today, awe.some is taking the wraps off a solution. What we’ve built gives marketers a single source — think of it as a powerful telescope — to get a clear picture of what had been a murky “dark social” universe. It’s an all-in-one dashboard within awe.some that gives brands and agencies a very precise view of how different social channels drive conversions — sales, registrations, or other consumer actions — in direct comparison. I’ll be demonstrating it today at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit’s Next Wave Competition & Showcase in Austin. You can check out our media announcement here.

We’re big believers in social media’s potential and influence. Helping business more effectively navigate and measure this world will drive innovation and growth. I’m really excited about what the team here at awe.some has built and can’t wait to show you how well it works.