How to Choose the Right Size Storage Unit for Your Needs

Choosing the right size storage unit can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re decluttering, moving, or need extra space for your belongings, finding the perfect fit is essential. Here’s a handy guide to help you determine the right size storage unit for your needs.

1. Take Inventory of Your Items

Before you start researching storage unit sizes, make a list of everything you plan to store. Include furniture, boxes, appliances, and any other items. This will give you a clear idea of the amount of space you’ll need.

2. Understand Standard Unit Sizes

Familiarize yourself with standard storage unit sizes and what they typically accommodate:

  • 5’x5′ (25 sq. ft.): Ideal for storing a few boxes, small furniture items, or seasonal decorations.
  • 5’x10′ (50 sq. ft.): Perfect for storing the contents of a walk-in closet or small bedroom.
  • 10’x10′ (100 sq. ft.): Suitable for the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, including furniture and appliances.
  • 10’x15′ (150 sq. ft.): Fits the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or small house.
  • 10’x20′ (200 sq. ft.): Can hold the contents of a three-bedroom house, including larger items like a vehicle or large appliances.

3. Consider Accessibility

Think about how often you’ll need to access your storage unit. If you need frequent access, choose a slightly larger unit to leave space for aisles so you can move around easily. This will save you time and frustration when retrieving items.

4. Opt for Vertical Space

Remember that you can stack items vertically. Use sturdy boxes and shelving units to maximize the vertical space in your storage unit. This can allow you to opt for a smaller unit while still fitting all your items.

5. Get Professional Advice

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from storage facility staff. They have experience with different storage needs and can offer valuable advice on the best unit size for your items.

6. Use an Online Storage Calculator

Many storage facility websites offer online calculators where you can input the items you plan to store. These tools can give you a more accurate estimate of the unit size you’ll need.

7. Plan for Future Needs

Think about whether you’ll need more storage space in the future. If you anticipate adding more items to your storage unit, it might be wise to rent a slightly larger unit now to avoid the hassle of moving later.


Selecting the right storage unit size doesn’t have to be a challenge. By taking inventory, understanding standard sizes, considering accessibility, and planning for the future, you can ensure you choose the perfect storage solution for your needs.