7 Key Reasons to Have Your AC Unit Serviced Before Summer

You’ll rely on your home’s air conditioner to keep you comfortable this summer. The last thing you want is for it to break down just when you need it the most. This is easily avoided by having your AC unit serviced before the summer season starts. The following are seven reasons why this is so important:

1. Increased Efficiency

When your AC is well-maintained, it runs efficiently and uses less energy. If you skip having your AC unit serviced before summer, you could see higher power bills throughout the season. To keep your system running smoothly and efficiently, have it serviced before the outdoor temperatures start to rise.

2. A Longer Lifespan

Purchasing a new AC unit is expensive. You want to make sure you get as many years out of it as possible. Routine maintenance helps extend the lifespan of your system by ensuring that it doesn’t have any potential issues or malfunctions that will put extra stress on it, eventually leading to a replacement.

3. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Dust that accumulates in your AC unit can be circulated throughout your home while it’s operating. This contributes to poor indoor air quality. During a routine maintenance visit, a technician will remove dust and debris from the system’s air filter and other components. If the air filter is clogged, they’ll replace it. This helps improve your home’s indoor air quality during the summer when you’re using your AC unit the most.

4. Warranty Compliance

Many manufacturers require regular tune-ups from a professional service company as part of the warranty contract. Scheduling routine maintenance ensures your AC unit will keep you comfortable this summer with fewer issues, as well as give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your warranty will be honored.

5. Noise Reduction

Having your AC unit system properly maintained, cleaned, and lubricated reduces noise pollution inside and outside of your home. A malfunctioning AC unit can make strange noises that will annoy you and your neighbors. Having your AC unit serviced before the summer season starts will help preserve the peace for everyone.

6. Fix Winter’s Problems

The cold temperatures of winter can affect your AC system even if you aren’t using it. Cold temperatures can cause the coils, lines, and pipes to freeze, which leads to a buildup of moisture in the outdoor unit. Covering it for the winter season can actually make it worse. During a routine service call, a technician will do a comprehensive inspection of the entire system and fix any damages that may have occurred.

7. Avoid Breakdowns

Most AC system problems start as small issues that are easy to overlook. A poorly maintained AC unit is more likely to break down during the summer than one that has been serviced. The intense heat of summer quickly turns those small issues into major problems if left unattended. When a technician spots a potential problem during a tune-up, it can be fixed before it gets any bigger or causes unwanted stress on the system.