5 Strategies to Make Your Pest Control Business Soar

If your pest control business is feeling like it’s stuck in the cobwebs and the competition is swarming over your patch, it might be time to start luring in some fresh clients. Sure, it’s not the most glamorous profession – but ain’t nobody got time to be squeamish when critters are running amok. Here’s how to make sure your business does more than just survive. Grab your swatters, folks – we’ve got a plan to make you the bee’s knees in pest control.

1. Master the Art of Customer Service

Your customers don’t come to you with a smile of the friendly neighborhood spider, they come with a deal of anxiety and disgust. That’s where you and your friendly bug busters come in! Impress your customers with service so good, they won’t call anyone else. Always have friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand, and don’t just solve the problem – educate too. Is Mrs. Squigglesworth asking about how to prevent future termite invasions? You bet your exoskeleton she is. Offer added value through things like infographics or free follow-up inspections to show you’re the real deal when it comes to caring for their problems, be it big or small.

2. Buzz About Your Business

The buzzword here is marketing…literally, as getting people talking is the most direct way to grow. Make sure that when someone’s staring at a mouse in a sticky trap and they think ‘whom shall I call?’ your name is the one to come to mind. Network, attend local events, and sponsor community bug-themed 5K runs, whatever it takes to associate your brand with a positive, lasting memory. Oh, and don’t forget social media – it’s the modern day grapevine, and your business needs to be the sweetest deal in the orchard.

3. Squash the Competition with Specialization

Remember, you don’t have to be an all-pest professional – focus and become the king of one species. Are you the carpenter ant conqueror? The wasp whisperer? By specializing in a particular type of pest, you gain an unrivaled level of expertise that your customers will hear about and appreciate. You’ll be the specialist, not the general practitioner, and that sets you apart in a field filled with generalists.

4. Hives Over Heads – Leverage Technology

Gone are the days of ‘just’ traps and toxin. The modern pest pro fights with data, drones, and biodegradable bug baffles. Invest in the latest software for organizing routes and managing clients, and don’t shy away from the tech that makes the job easier. There’s no shame in setting a fly trap that texts you when it’s full, or using an app to identify a mystery spider on the spot. This isn’t just pest control, this is pest control 2.0, baby.

5. Swarm the Market with Outstanding Reviews

Word-of-mouth recommendations are golden but in the digital age, reviews are your kingdom and online platforms are the throne. Encourage satisfied customers to leave a review online, share their victory over rodents or roaches. People listen to their peers, and when Mrs. Squigglesworth’s glowing review is right next to Mr. Macey’s remarkably similar one, new customers flock to you like moths to a flame.

Now, armed to the teeth with these strategies, it’s time to turn your pest control business into a profitable powerhouse. Swarm’s up!