The Best Breweries of Louisville

It’s always an event going out for a beer, but the setting will always make a world of a difference. Dive bars, pubs, and smaller locations will always have their place, but large-scale breweries have been rising in popularity. Louisville is one city that has taken this change in stride. Here are just a few of the large scale breweries held within the city.

Falls City Brewing Co. is known for two distinct accomplishments. It’s the longest running brewery in Louisville and it hosts more events than almost any other in the city. It’s a place known for having something to do, be that trivia night, a disco, or karaoke. The Christmas and New Years events in particular have garnered a ton of popularity. 

For those looking for a larger general selection of activities over specific events, Mile Wild Beer Co. has your back. It’s a trendy spot which tends to attract a massive crowd on busy nights. This only makes sense when looking at what it has to offer. The brewery has its own pizza shop, board games, video games, and a big party space. 

These breweries are great for having something to do with a beer in hand. TEN20 Craft Brewery is special because it uses its space to really amplify the beer itself. The brewery boasts a massive taproom, beer garden, and large event spaces. It’s known for being notably spacious and for its relaxed environment.

Of course, these three breweries are just some of the best breweries in Louisville. The city in general boasts a great collection of breweries, restaurants, and general local sights. What makes these three stand out is exactly how much they offer to each customer. So for anyone looking for a big experience in little Louisville, look no further.