Best Foods to Eat When High

Cannabis use can make you hungry. Even those whose exposure to cannabis is limited to watching Pineapple Express know that many (but not all!) strains can cause the “munchies.”

Naturally, you need to guard against overeating when high. Having the munchies and having access to too much junk food can be a recipe for a nutritional disaster.

However, you also want to strike a proper balance. Along with making you hungrier, many cannabis strains can boost your enjoyment of food. Taking advantage of this effect without jeopardizing your health may be reasonable.

Enjoying food on cannabis without overindulging is much easier when you ensure you have the right foods available. Some of the best foods to eat when high are:

Tropical Fruit

The notion that food tastes better when you’re high isn’t just a “stoner myth.” According to Psychology Today, cannabis can increase the brain’s pleasure response to certain types of foods.

That’s actually good news if you want to eat something healthy while still enjoying intense flavors while you’ve got the munchies. Because certain flavors (like those from sugary foods) already feel more intense when you’re high, fruit can taste just as enjoyable as candy.

Some cannabis enthusiasts specifically recommend eating tropical fruits when you’re high. It’s possible the unique and nuanced flavors of these foods are particularly enjoyable when a person is experiencing the effects of cannabis.

Carrots and Hummus

Anyone who’s ever had the munchies and too many bags of chips at their disposal knows an unfortunate truth: It can be very difficult to stop eating once you start if you’re high.

That’s why it may be wise to set yourself up with a snack that you can eat a lot of without getting sick. For example, carrots and celery with some hummus for dipping is a healthy snack that’s ideal for cannabis sessions.


Don’t assume this entire guide is going to be a buzzkill. As long as you’re exercising basic judgment, it’s certainly acceptable to indulge in less-than-nutritious food from time to time when you’re high. Research does show sweet and fatty foods may be the ones that taste best on cannabis.

Some cannabis enthusiasts swear by pizza when high. Others prefer Chinese. Plenty have opinions about what type of fast food is best with the munchies.

Your own tastes should guide your choices. What’s most important is that you not drive anywhere to get these foods when high. Having someone deliver them is definitely more appealing when you have couch-lock anyway.

What to Eat When High: The Importance of Experimentation

Always keep in mind that there are no “rules” about what you can and can’t eat when high. Everyone has their own preferences.

For example, many warn against consuming spicy foods when high. For some, that degree of intensity is too great when they’re high. Others find that they eat too much food in general when they have the munchies. If they eat spicy foods, they may experience stomach discomfort later.

However, not everyone feels this way. Some cannabis fans insist spicy foods are their favorite foods to eat when high.

Experiment to find out what works best for you. Just remember, if you get the munchies, you’ll likely eat whatever you have around. Make sure your options strike the right balance between tasting good and being good for you.

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