How to Better Your Business via Brand Consistency

The introduction of the internet age has led to an explosion of new industries and businesses. With heavily saturated markets, building brand consistency and personalization is paramount for commercial success. But what kind of benefits can brand consistency create?

Firstly, it improves customer perception. In fact, as much as 76% of customers want consistent interactions with brands. In turn, we see 88% of businesses have revenue growth by 10% or more due to their brand consistency. Additionally, brand-consistency can help avoid major problems such as marketplace confusion and an interrupted sales cycle. You can further a brand-consistent image by intertwining consistency with personalization.

When businesses use hyper-personalization, they help to narrow their targeting via customer affinity, browsing data, and more. Due to this narrowed segmentation of the market, 86% of reports improved business results. These results are seen in the form of higher conversion rates on emails, longer user retention on the site, and by substantially increasing the revenue.

Fortunately, ensuring both brand consistency and hyper-personalization is incredibly easy due to modern day technology. Brand governance platforms such as BrandGuard harness the power of AI to gauge the safety and on-brandness for any new content. Regardless of where your business currently is, if you want to grow, brand governance platforms are a good way to go.

How Strong Brand Consistency Drives Brand Success
Source: BrandGuard