On the Road with U-Haul: Trailers That Make Moving a Breeze

When it comes to the great American pastime of moving, U-Haul has undeniably become a household name. The iconic brand’s primary colors and distinctive logo are as ingrained in our culture as the very act of starting fresh in a new home or city. As U-Haul continues to innovate within the mobile realm, it’s essential to highlight the equipment that makes the process smooth and efficient. Here, listed in convenient order, are five U-Haul trailers that are designed to reduce the stress and make moving a breeze.

1. U-Haul Cargo Trailers

Kicking off our list is the most iconic of U-Haul’s trailers—the Cargo Trailer. Boasting a rigid and secure design, it’s favored for its ease of towing, offering about 130 cu. ft. of space to pack your goods. The lightweight build ensures it can be towed behind virtually any personal vehicle with a hitch, making trips to the donation center or multiple drop-off locations a breeze. It’s a go-to for those smaller but valuable items that you’d rather not stuff in a moving truck.

2. U-Haul Utility Trailers

Next on our list is the poster child for versatility—the U-Haul Utility Trailer. With various sizes ranging from 5 x 8 to 6 x 12, and an opened design, it’s commonly utilized for a broad range of moving needs. Furnishings, bikes, or even DIY materials for the weekend warrior can be accommodated with ease, as the utility trailer provides up to 350 cu. ft. of space.

3. U-Haul Motorcycle Trailers

For our two-wheeled friends comes the U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer, a specialized unit that’s all about safe and efficient transport. It’s crafted specifically to cater to motorcycle’s unique dimensions, offering secure tie-down rings to make sure your ride is well supported for its journey.

4. U-Haul Towing Dolly

When your move involves a car that you’d rather not drive to your new location, the U-Haul Towing Dolly steps in. It’s engineered to keep your car’s front wheels elevated, making sure that only the odometer is racking up the miles.

5. U-Haul Auto Transport

Saving the biggest for last, the U-Haul Auto Transport is the solution for those moving their car, vintage auto, or SUV. The sizable and robust structure provides all the support your vehicle needs, with its heavy-duty straps keeping it secure during the move.

In the end, moving is a significant life event that’s marked by a fair amount of chaos. But with the right equipment, that chaos can be managed, and the process steered toward a smooth, successful outcome. U-Haul’s line of trailers is more than just boxes on wheels; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to making relocation a manageable task for everyone. Safe travels!