5 Ways to Use Experiential Marketing to Increase Holiday Sales

If you own a business and are looking for a creative way to improve your holiday sales, experiential marketing could be the answer you are looking for. Here are five creative ways to provide your customers with a hands-on approach to learn more about your business.

1- Create Shareable Photo Stands

Everyone loves to have holiday photos taken, so set up a photo stand with fun props. For example, near Christmas, you can put up a tree, provide wrapped boxes, and hang wreaths and garlands. On certain days, you might have Santa or Mrs. Claus stop by for a visit. You could also put up a sleigh or sled. Once your customers take photos, encourage them to share them on social media to spread the word about your store.

2- Host Workshops

Think about skills your potential customers might want to learn and offer to teach them during workshops. The direction that you take this idea depends on your niche market. For example, if you sell essential oils, you might teach people how to create holiday blends to fill their homes with unique scents, but if you are a baker, you might host a cookie-decorating workshop. If it is difficult to use your products, consider hosting decorating or gift-wrapping workshops. Offer value to customers who attend by giving them special discounts during the workshops. You could also do virtual workshops, with participants buying a kit with the supplies that they will need to have delivered to their homes before the event occurs. Help is available, so you can easily do this activity.

3- Gamification

Since everyone loves feeling like a kid during the holidays, consider offering some type of game for customers to participate in. For instance, you could join with other nearby merchants to do a scavenger hunt, with people needing to find one item in each store. If you use print media, consider hiding a unique code in your advertising that customers must come in to redeem. You can also play games on social media where your customers need to share your posts to win. You could also do a game in your store. For instance, put coupons in balloons and encourage customers to pop one to get the discount coupon.

4- Samplings and Tastings

If you are a food retailer, consider hosting a food event where you let your customers sample your products. Consider pairing with related merchants to draw in each other’s customers. For instance, if you sell holiday cheeses, consider partnering with a wine retailer, or if you are a bread retailer, consider partnering with a local farmer who sells meat products to the public that would taste great on your bread.

5- Holiday Escape Rooms

Holiday escape rooms are a great way to bring people into your business. You can create unique themes, such as rescuing the presents or saving Santa’s sleigh. If a team completes the escape room, give them a significant discount. Encourage people to take pictures while trying to figure out the clues and share them on social media to encourage their friends to try the escape room.

There are many experiences that you can offer your customers during the holidays. Pick your favorites and finish the planning today. Your sales will soar, so it will be worth your time.