How Long Does a Photoshoot Take?

What is the typical duration of a photoshoot? This is a frequently asked question posed by both photographers and clients alike. Providing an accurate answer can be challenging without additional details about the nature of the photoshoot. The timeframe for a photoshoot can vary significantly, ranging from a brief half-hour session to more extensive sessions that may occupy a substantial part of a day. Objectives of the session influence the total duration and can also impact the overall cost. It’s essential to trust that photographers have the expertise to accurately assess the necessary time for a photo shoot, as the assessment is crucial for providing clients with an accurate quote or estimate. 

Time estimates for each type of photoshoot:


Wedding photography sessions typically span from 8 hours to an entire day, and the duration largely depends on the specifics of the wedding and the contractual agreement between the couple and the photographer. The primary distinction is that wedding photography differs significantly from conventional photoshoots. As mentioned, weddings unfold over an extended period, requiring a longer photography session. Engaging a photographer for 4 to 10 hours is customary, depending on your planned celebration.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Mitzvah photography sessions span about 6 to 7 hours. The photography time is split between photographing the rehearsal and family sessions a couple days before the ceremony as some synagogues don’t allow photography on Saturdays during the sabbath. We generally take family portraits before the reception on Saturday evening, and then stay to ensure all of the fun, games, and dancing at the party are captured. 

Family Portraits

Family portraits present a more significant challenge compared to standard studio portrait sessions. They involve many dynamics that extend beyond the simplicity of regular portrait photography. The realm of family portraits encompasses various sub-genres, such as traditional portraits, lifestyle portraits, and environmental portraits, among others. The total time required, encompassing both the shooting and editing phases, can vary depending on the type of portraits sought.

A significant portion of the time invested in family portraits revolves around the art of posing. It’s essential to ensure that each family member is correctly positioned, facing the camera, and with no one blinking when the photographer snaps. If efficient posing is achieved swiftly, a family portrait session completes in as little as 1-2 hours. However, it’s worth noting that the presence of children or individuals with unique needs may extend the duration, so it’s advisable to plan accordingly. I would also add that some of the best moments come when the family isn’t posed as I am an editorial photographer. 


Corporate photography sessions can be time-consuming, often spanning an entire day. Corporate headshots and group shots are crucial tools for organizations aiming to portray a professional appearance while highlighting the diversity of their team. 

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Dani Weiss has spent 34 years behind the lens, capturing bar and bat mitzvahs, engagement and wedding shoots, family portraits and reunions, and corporate events. Her mix of talent, hard work, and experience gives Atlanta’s residents a chance for stunning photography.