What is a Tree Donation, and How Much Does it Cost?

When we lose a loved one, their memory endures through their impact on the lives of those around them and within their community. A life that was shared and touched the lives of others represents an irreplaceable part of every community, organization, fellowship, and family. A memorial tree serves to preserve and commemorate the cherished life that has passed away. It is a tangible reminder that their legacy continues even when their physical presence is no longer with us. Whether planting a tree in memory of a friend or family member or for someone close to you who has experienced a loss, a gift tree offers a meaningful tribute to a life well-lived as well as showing the family you care. While planting a tree in memory of a loved one is certainly the most popular reason, there are several other reasons to plant a gift tree.

Gift Tree Donations Available for Life Events

Newborn Gifts – Buying a tree for an infant might not be the first idea that comes to mind, considering the child won’t immediately appreciate it. However, applying this perspective to any gift for a newborn suggests that it’s worth considering something that grows and benefits the environment. Why not opt for a specific tree associated with the child’s birth month? This adds a thoughtful and unique touch to the gift. The personalized message and accompanying card become lasting keepsakes the child can cherish forever. The knowledge that there’s a living part of the earth, thriving throughout their lifetime and beyond adds an intriguing dimension to the gesture.

Wedding Celebration – Whether a newlywed couple embarking on their first journey together or entering into marriage later in life, a tree makes for a beautiful wedding gift with special significance. In an era where many embrace a minimalist lifestyle, unique wedding gifts are highly valued. Gifting a tree is particularly fitting as it symbolizes life, growth, and prosperity. A newlywed couple establishes their roots together, growing as one, making trees a meaningful representation of their journey.

Tree wedding gifts are ideal for various couples, including those who love to travel, embrace the outdoors, have a passion for gardening, or are committed to sustainability. You can have a tree planted in honor of the newlyweds as a distinctive wedding present or offer it as a thoughtful complement to a traditional wedding gift. In either case, your considerate gesture will surely be appreciated, conveying your care and warm wishes.

Pet Loss Commemoration – Selecting an appropriate gift to commemorate the loss of a beloved pet can be challenging. However, a memorial tree is a meaningful and distinctive choice, conveying your thoughtfulness towards the recipient. Alternatively, acquiring a memorial tree to honor your departed pet is a way to make a positive impact and preserve cherished memories.

What better tribute could there be if your dog relished the outdoors and adventures in the woods? Our connection with our pets is unique because they accompany us through life’s ups and downs. They offer unwavering loyalty and affection, bringing smiles even during challenging times. The loss of a pet can be profoundly heart-wrenching, an experience that only those who have gone through it can truly understand. Gifting a pet memorial tree communicates your empathy and support during this challenging period.

What is the Cost Involved?

The price of a tree gift varies depending on the package you select: the type of tribute card desired and the number of trees you wish to have planted. Many websites provide the option to calculate an accurate estimate in your online shopping cart before checkout. Remember that a memorial or celebration tree is a powerful and everlasting tribute, and comes at a much more affordable price point then flowers or other typical gifts.

The Gifted Tree simplifies the process of sending a heartfelt gift to express your care and affection for a friend, family member, or colleague. Their tribute cards are beautiful, unique, and hand-crafted and allow you to plant gift trees both in the United States and internationally. Prices range from only $19.95 to $69.95 and include the planting of one tree with multiple tree planting options available. No matter which design option you choose, all are customized and personalized to provide a truly memorable and thoughtful gift.