7 Packing Strategies to Make Moving to a New Home Easier

The time has come to move from your current house to another. Whether it’s a long-distance move to another state or one that’s just right up the road, the process can be made a little easier with a few packing strategies.

1. Purge

One of the easiest things that you can do when it comes to packing before you move is to get rid of the things that you no longer need or want. You have an entire home filled with items that you’ve collected over the years. There could be clothes that you can no longer wear or items that are broken. You can throw these items away, donate them to someone in need, or sell them to make some extra money for your move.

2. Make Plans in Advance

Try to gather the items that you need as far in advance as possible. If you need a portable storage unit, you want to try to secure that a few weeks ahead of your move so that you have plenty of time to take items to the unit and to ensure that they are organized. This can also help with putting items that you might not need for some time in the back of the unit and those that you know you’re going to need fast access to in the front.

3. Take the Essentials With You

Consider packing a box with essential items and documents that you’re going to need for the first few days after moving into your home. Keep a few outfits set aside, some paper plates and plastic cups, and receipts for utilities that you’ve had connected in your new home. If you have children, make sure you have something to keep them distracted until you’re able to unpack their belongings.

4. Use Quality Boxes

If possible, invest in plastic storage containers as these are sturdier than cardboard boxes. However, if boxes are the only option that you have, make sure you get tape and markers so that they are secure and properly labeled. Avoid packing boxes too heavy as they could break or become difficult to move.

5. Pack Room by Room

A way that you can keep everything organized when packing is to go from one room to another. You’ll be able to keep everything together in each box when it’s packed instead of putting items from the kitchen or bathroom in with items from your bedroom. This also makes it easier to take everything to the appropriate room when you get to your new home as well.

6. Handle Fragile Items With Care

Whether it’s dishes from the kitchen, collectibles, or other items that could break, make sure you label all of the boxes with fragile items with large letters. Try to put these boxes in the vehicle that you’re driving so that you can keep an eye on them as well. If you have expensive items to move, consider getting insurance so that they are protected.

7. Use Hacks for Clothing

Instead of taking items off of the hangers, get wardrobe boxes so that you can hang everything in them for the move. You can also keep clothing in drawers and simply wrap the drawers in blankets or other materials instead of wasting boxes.

Moving can be exciting, but it does take a lot of organization and packing skills. With the right supplies and planning ahead, you can get to your new home in a timely manner and with ease.