6 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Grill Clean After Daily Use

When it comes to operating a commercial kitchen, you know that cleanliness and safety are paramount. This applies to your grills as well. With these 6 simple tips, you can ensure that your grill is kept in top condition after daily use and that the food cooked on it remains safe for consumption.

Check For Rust:

Look for rust on the surface of your grill and check that all screws, bolts and other parts are in good condition. If you notice signs of rust, use a wire brush to scrape it off before applying a preventative coating. Be sure to also clean out any grease build-up from underneath the grill grates.

Use Degreaser:

For tougher stains, consider using a commercial degreaser or an oven cleaner. Be sure to wear gloves and protective eyewear when using these products as they can be harsh on your skin. There are also many all-natural degreasers available if you prefer to go that route.

Clean After Every Use:

Make sure you clean your grill after every use. Always use a stainless steel scrubber pad for the interior of your grill as they are most effective at removing debris from the grates. This will help to remove any food residue that has been baked onto the surface, making it easier to thoroughly clean in future. Removing the food residue is also important to the functional safety of your grill.

Wipe The Exterior:

When cleaning the exterior of your grill, it’s important to use a non-abrasive cleaner. This will help to prevent any damage to the finish or paint job on the outside. Always use a soft cloth and be sure to get into any cracks or crevices.

Check For Repair Needs:

Once you’ve completed your cleaning process, be sure to check for any loose parts that may need attention and tighten them up if necessary. This will help to prevent any further damage in the future.

Ensure Proper Ventilation:

Finally, always make sure that your grill is properly ventilated and dry before storing away for the evening. This will help to prevent rust and corrosion which can be difficult to remove once it has settled in.

Maintaining a clean commercial grill is an essential part of running a successful restaurant. Not only will it make the process of cooking and serving food much easier, but it will also help to extend the life of your equipment. With just a few simple steps you can ensure that your grill remains in top condition for many years to come.