6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Service to Unclog Drains

Dealing with clogged rains can bring your home or commercial business to a halt. When a kitchen sink is filled with water, you can’t prepare your meals. In some cases, you might even discover that none of the drains are working properly. While you’ll find lots of DIY methods, you’ll find greater success when you rely on a professional service to unclog the drains for several important reasons.

1- Prevent Hazardous Overflows

Clogged drains mean that the wastewater is no longer able to be whisked away to a safe sewage processing site. Having raw sewage coming out of your drains creates a biohazard, and the damage left behind may require costly repair and replacement of the building materials in your home or business. A professional drain cleaner can prevent wastewater from overflowing to keep your living environment safe and hygienic.

2- Eliminate Contact With Caustic Chemicals

Most of the drain cleaners that are sold in your local stores are made using harsh chemicals that can cause burns to your eyes, nose, and skin. Unfortunately, they are also known to cause splashbacks as they are poured into the drain. The chemicals may also get stuck in the sink along with the standing water, which makes it even harder to clean. Drain cleaning companies use safe methods for handling chemicals, and they also offer options that eliminate the need for caustic materials.

3- Identify the True Source of the Clog

While it might look like there’s just too much hair in the shower drain, the truth is that’s probably been happening for years. Professional drain cleaners can perform pipe inspections to identify the deeper sources of clogs. Tree roots and built-up greasy residue often exist far down the line where you cannot see with your eyes alone.

4- Avoid Damaging the Plumbing System

Stuffing drain snakes down a pipe can lead to breaks and cracks. The same is also true regarding the use of caustic chemicals. Most DIY methods are harsh enough to create a bigger problem than just needing to clear a clog.

5- Clear Deep Clogs With High-Pressure Water Jetting

Chemical cleaners and drain snakes may not be strong enough to clear major clogs. For deep clogs, these methods simply won’t go far enough to reach the problem, either. Calling in a professional who uses high-pressure water jetting helps to blast away hardened greasy fats, hair, and even tree roots.

6- Receive Tips on Future Maintenance

Households and businesses that have clogs often find that they are a recurring problem. Once your plumber identifies the source of the blockage, they’ll be able to give you insight into how to prevent it from happening again. From removing old tree roots to avoiding putting certain items down the drain, you’ll benefit from their guidance for keeping the drains running freely.

Although it might seem easy to grab a container of drain cleaner, you could make the problem worse. Calling in the professionals helps you to avoid dealing with dangerous chemicals or potentially pushing the clog in further. As a final note, remember to keep your plumber’s contact information handy. After professional drain cleaning, you shouldn’t have a problem again for a long time, but it feels good to know who to call if a new issue arises in the future.