What Certifications Should You Look for in an Auto Body Shop

The quality of an auto body shop’s repairs can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining your car. It’s important to look for a few key certifications and accreditation in any potential auto body shop you consider. Here are five key certifications that can help you choose the right auto body shop:

  1. I-CAR Gold Class Certification

The I-CAR Gold Class certification is the highest level of recognition in the auto body industry. It ensures that a shop has the most up to date and comprehensive training available. This certification requires ongoing education, which helps ensure quality repairs are done correctly every time.

  1. ASE Certification

ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification requires mechanics to have extensive knowledge and skills in their specific area of expertise, such as engine performance, brakes, electrical systems, and more. All ASE certified technicians must re-certify every five years to remain current.

  1. BBB (Better Business Bureau) Accreditation

This accreditation indicates that an auto body shop takes customer satisfaction seriously. The BBB reviews a company’s complaint history, pricing policies, advertising practices, and more to ensure the highest level of service.

  1. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Certification

OEM certification means that a shop has been certified by the vehicle manufacturer and is knowledgeable in repairing their brand of vehicles. This certification helps ensure that the shop is using factory-approved parts and following proper repair procedures.

  1. Manufacturer Warranty

A good sign of an auto body shop’s quality is whether they offer a warranty on their repairs. This indicates that the shop stands behind its work and will guarantee their customers satisfaction for as long as the warranty lasts.

These certifications are a great way to ensure you’re getting quality repairs from a reputable shop. Be sure to check these credentials before choosing an auto body shop for all your repair needs. Doing so can help you get the best service and results while protecting your vehicle in the long run.