Steel vs. Aluminum Fencing: What You Should Know

Metal fencing is a popular option among homeowners and business owners alike. It is strong, decorative, and long lasting. Two of the most common types of metal fencing are steel and aluminum. These materials have their similarities and differences, as well as pros and cons. Deciding between steel vs aluminum fencing depends primarily on the purpose for the fence. 

Aluminum Fencing: The Residential Choice 

Homeowners choose aluminum more often than steel because of the following benefits: 

  • Lightweight. Aluminum is much lighter than steel, making it easier to install and uninstall. 
  • Won’t rust. Rust is a reaction that occurs only in iron, which aluminum does not contain, making it fully resistant to rust and corrosion. 
  • Versatile. Aluminum fencing can be made in a variety of shapes and styles to be used for a variety of purposes. It can provide decorative fencing around your yard or pool and it comes in multiple colors and configurations. 
  • Recyclable. Aluminum fencing is recyclable, making it an earth-conscious choice. 

Steel Fencing: The Commercial Choice 

Business and commercial property owners tend to choose steel fencing over aluminum because it is: 

  • Strong. Steel is a stronger, more durable metal than aluminum, which is why it is more often used for commercial purposes. It can hold up to industrial use. 
  • Secure. Steel fencing is more secure than aluminum fencing, providing better security for gated communities, storage facilities, and businesses that require a high level of security. 
  • Heavy. Steel is heavier than aluminum, which means it holds up better in high winds and severe weather conditions. 
  • Rust Resistant. Steel fencing is treated with a coating that prevents rust. If a steel fence shows signs of rust, it simply needs to be retreated. 

When To Use Steel at Home

There are certain situations where it may be best to use steel even in residential areas. If you need to fence in large pets, steel is stronger and less likely to be damaged. If you live in an area with severe weather, such as tornadoes or hurricanes, a steel fence may be the best choice to avoid weather damage. Or if you have a high security need, steel fences provide an increased level of protection. 

When To Use Aluminum for Commercial Purposes

Aluminum can still be used in a variety of commercial applications. If the purpose of a fence is more decorative than for security, aluminum can be sufficient. An aluminum fence adds curb appeal to a commercial property without the high cost of steel. And even though it may not be as strong as steel, it still offers an additional level of security than having no fence. 

Anderson Fence Provides Both Steel and Aluminum Fences

Adding a fence to your property, both commercial and residential, can add value as well as curb appeal. Anderson Fence provides a variety of fence materials, including aluminum and steel. If you’re not sure which option would be best for your property, we can provide a recommendation as part of your free estimate. 

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