Student Success through the Transfer Pathway

There is a growing rise and growing success of Kentucky students who transfer from a community college to a university. In 2020-2021 the number of students on a transfer pathway reached nearly 30,000. But why should a student pursue a transfer path? The first is cost. College costs are reduced significantly if a student chooses to transfer. Another benefit is that transfer students will end up making more money. Those who receive their bachelor’s degree after their associates have higher incomes. 

However, transfer success is limited. Of the 30,000 students on a transfer pathway in Kentucky, only 23% will end up transferring to a university. Even fewer students will complete their bachelor’s degree. There are also equity issues associated with transfer success. White students and students from a higher income are twice as likely to transfer.
What are the solutions to the disparities and problems with transfer success? The first is a transfer pathway, where students work together with institutions to create a map of their major and career requirements. Having proactive and regular advising increases graduation rates of transfer students by nearly 21%. Further, students with more transfer credits face more success in completing their bachelor’s degree. Finally, early momentum milestones improve the success of transfer students, specifically Black and Hispanic students. For students to fully reach their potential Kentucky will ensure there is a path from community colleges to universities.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative