Can a Seemingly Small Fender Bender Cause Serious Damage?

Yes, a seemingly small fender bender can cause serious damage. Damage that is often times not immediately apparent but may be discovered later on when the drivers involved in the accident receive an insurance claim or attempt to repair their car. Here are 6 ways a seemingly small fender bender can cause serious damage:

1. Misalignment

When a car is struck, even at low speeds, the impact can cause misalignment of the car’s suspension system. This is because the impact causes sudden movement of parts that are usually in sync and balanced. This misalignment can lead to further mechanical damage and can even reduce a vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

2. Damage to the Body

The body or frame of a car can be damaged after experiencing even a small fender bender. This damage can range from minor dents and scratches to more serious structural issues like bent frames which will change the shape of the car’s body, allowing further rusting and corrosion over time.

3. Electrical System Damage

A small fender bender can cause damage to sensitive electrical systems in a car, including its sensors and computer system. This damage can lead to further issues with the vehicle’s performance or require costly repairs or replacements.

4. Airbag Deployment

Even low-impact collisions are often enough to trigger a car’s airbag system. This is because the sensors are designed to detect even small impacts that might be too small for drivers to register, but still significant enough to require protection. Airbags can be expensive and time-consuming to replace.

5. Leakage

The impact of a fender bender can cause damage to a car’s seals which could lead to leaks. This can be especially dangerous if the leak is of oil or some other form of hazardous material.

6. Collateral Damage

A car that has been in a fender bender might have hidden damage that can only be discovered after an inspection. This damage could even include internal parts of the car that have been damaged due to the impact of the crash. This hidden damage can be a significant safety hazard and require expensive repairs.

Overall, a seemingly small fender bender can cause serious damage to a car in many different ways. Drivers should always inspect their vehicle for any form of potential damage after a crash, no matter how minor the impact may have seemed.