Why Students no longer have to Struggle Anymore to Graduate College

College students nationwide need help to make ends meet to achieve higher education. As it becomes more difficult, many college institutions are finding creative ways that allow students to afford basic needs and pay their tuition. Fortunately, CPE’s Kentucky Student Success Collaborative allows for students who are primarily in minority groups with lower income and for those that are older adults to achieve their higher education despite financial barriers. 

The CPE Kentucky Student Success Collaborative consists of stakeholders that are working on better understanding what they can do to help college students afford college. As a result of its effectiveness, 80% of Kentucky students that were helped by the CPE Kentucky Student Success Collaborative were able to enroll back into KCTCS Programs which helped them earn nearly 2000% above the federal poverty line. This should give hope to anyone that is desperately seeking ways to pursue their higher education despite their current state in life. 

As for older folks, they have just as much of an opportunity to save money and pursue their education. Even though it is not as common for older folks to pursue higher education, it does not mean that they can and should try since the CPE Kentucky Student Success Collaborative places Kentucky in the top twenty states for college affordability and accessibility for older folks. As long as they are of the age of 65 and older, they will be able to qualify for many benefits such as receiving free class credits and discounts. 

Anyone, including older folks, that may or may not qualify should enroll in the CPE Kentucky Student Success Collaborative so they can save money through their Gateway classes. The Gateway classes are larger-sized classes that consist of entry-level college courses that allow students to save a lot of money per credit (similar to community college classes). While there are higher dropout rates for Gateway classes due to their higher concentrated curricular assignments, the stakeholders and councils are working together to increase class retention rates.

Whether students are in lower income classes, minority groups, or are older folks that are about to or have already retired, there is always a way for them to achieve their higher education. The CPE Kentucky Student Success Collaborative allows struggling college students to achieve their dreams by implementing policies and working with college institutions to make resources more available and affordable to anyone looking to achieve higher education.

Supporting Student Basic Needs
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative