How to Increase Focus Naturally

With the help of cognitive performance science, improved focus may enhance your life. Nearly half of the time people are awake is spent daydreaming, squandering time and energy. And we are paying a higher price than we know for our inability to focus since email and phone conversation interruptions temporarily lower IQ by 10 points, and time wasted on digital distractions costs more than $10,000 per person annually.

These distractions are produced by work surroundings, which weaken attention spans. When executive functioning is impaired, mistakes can occur twice as frequently, and now the average individual has an attention span of only eight seconds. Additionally, the environment we live in might cause mental weariness and higher levels of inflammatory markers in the brain.

For instance, 42% of millennials in the US routinely eat and drink to help them concentrate. However, because millions of liters of caffeine and sugar are consumed each year to improve attention, the world doesn’t need any more caffeine.

Unfortunately, caffeine does not help with attention. Caffeine disrupts sleep patterns, reduces total sleep duration by an hour, and heightens weariness. Long-term complications like poor heart health, digestive problems, and an increased risk of dementia may all be related to caffeine.
Thankfully, coffee is not the only remedy for attention deficit disorder. Focus-increasing natural options include biohacking and nootropics. Learn more about why focus drinks can help you today:

How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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